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Conexus MedStaff international healthcare professionals success stories
Charen’s story: less than a year to the U.S. with the H-1B visa lottery

For international medical technologist Charen, the H-1B visa lottery made her dream of moving to the U.S. a reality in a matter of months from when she first applied to work with Conexus MedStaff. ...

Blog Header   H 1 B Vs Eb 3
The H1-B visa lottery is the fastest U.S. visa option for international medical technologists

For international medical technologists aspiring to kickstart their careers in the United States, understanding the intricacies of visa options is crucial. The EB-3 and H-1B visas are viable routes...

Conexus MedStaff international healthcare professionals success stories
Celine’s story: fast-tracked U.S. medical technologist career with the H-1B visa lottery

​The H-1B visa lottery is a popular choice for international medical technologists looking to start a new career in the United States with Conexus MedStaff, because it offers a faster path to worki...

USA H-1B visa eligibility for international medical technologists
USA H-1B visa lottery for international medical technologists
Medical technologists: what is the U.S. H-1B visa lottery?

​There is lots of exciting opportunity for medical technologists to work in the United States. The role of a medical technologist, also known as a medical laboratory scientist, is critical in a hea...

USA international nurses and medical technologists: can my spouse work on my visa?