Conexus Academy: Building the Future of Healthcare

Conexus Academy provides personalized learning opportunities for career advancement and growth of our healthcare professionals. Through Conexus Academy, we provide a foundation of learning customized to meet each healthcare professional's unique needs to build confidence through education and practice, and to support a successful healthcare career in the U.S. Additionally, we encourage our healthcare professionals to pursue their professional goals and support them through our biannual Education Advancement for Registered Nurses (EARN) Scholarship and Growth and Opportunity for the Advancement of Laboratorians (GOAL) Scholarship as well as the Conexus Thrive Certification Program, allowing them to advance their clinical knowledge, skills or education to further enhance the level and service of care provided to the healthcare community.

Through the application of skills, experience and expertise, we develop our healthcare professionals for a successful transition into the U.S. healthcare system, which benefits both our people and our hospital clients.


Personalized for
every ONE of our healthcare professionals.


Hundreds of ways to learn.


Thousands of U.S. career


A virtual library of free education courses
to advance your knowledge.

Conexus Academy is designed to help you learn, grow and thrive as a U.S. healthcare professional.

  • Sushma, Conexus Nurse in the U.S.
    ​I feel extremely lucky to have all of you as a part of my professional journey. I appreciate the effort everyone has put in to facilitate my career growth.

    Sushma, Conexus Nurse in the U.S.

  • Maria, US RN
    I was inspired to become a nurse in the USA because of job security and many opportunities for advancement. ​I choose to be sponsored by Conexus MedStaff becaus...

    Maria, US RN

Conexus Academy Learning Path

Personal Assessment

Starting with your personal assessment, we create a learning path specific to your needs and goals.

Our pre-assessment skills checklist allows us to measure a healthcare professional's experience in order to customize their onboarding process based on practice area.​

Building Your Future

Virtual Simulation

We provide different modalities of immersive learning to prepare you for your career in the U.S. Our virtual simulation provides our healthcare professionals with hands-on experience dealing with complex situations in the hospital through analysis, application, evaluation, and creation.

Education for All Levels

U.S. Healthcare 101

Our Healthcare 101 module provides our healthcare professionals with extra reading and learning tools to assist them with their transition into the U.S. healthcare system. 

An Award-Winning Program

Assimilation Learning

Once you arrive in the U.S. and prior to starting your assignment, you will be assigned the modules in Healthcare 102. A one-on-one coaching with our Conexus educator is conducted after completing the online modules to make sure the healthcare professional is well prepared for their assignment. 

Success Stories