Conexus MedStaff has hundreds of healthcare facility career opportunities across America where we match our Conexus nurses and medical technologists with careers where they can grow and thrive. Our commitment to our Conexus community of nurses and med techs is that Conexus will be with you every step of the way, providing a home away from home, and investing in your growth to achieve your goals.

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Nursing Graduates

Conexus MedStaff provides careers for international nursing graduates in the U.S. on OPT to work in some of the best healthcare facilities in America.

We are the leader for international nursing students.

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Visa Sponsorship

Conexus MedStaff pays immigration visa sponsorship fees for our nurses and medical technologists, providing expert guidance every step of the way.

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International Nurses and Nursing Students

Conexus MedStaff is a top U.S. employer for international nursing students, international nurses and medical technologists. With opportunities in top hospitals throughout the country, you can be assured that there is a career journey that is perfect for you at Conexus.

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Getting Your Journey Started

With positions available for a wide range of nursing specialties, there are opportunities across the U.S. for everyone. Whether you have recently graduated or you are an experienced nurse, there is a rewarding career path just for you. Learn more about what you will need to get started.

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Benefits and Reward Packages

You will be rewarded throughout your journey with Conexus MedStaff to celebrate your milestones and successes.

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Positions for International Nurses

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Positions for Nursing Graduates

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  • Exciting nursing opportunities in hospitals throughout the U.S.

    We believe every foreign-educated nurse should have the opportunity to pursue their American dream and goals while doing what they love as a nurse in the U.S.

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  • Your future is bright as a nurse in the U.S.

    You may not have the experience yet, but with our guidance and our award-winning and personalized educational support, you'll begin to feel confident as you start your career in the U.S.

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A life changing career as a nurse in the U.S.

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