Hundreds of hospitals across the U.S. have partnered with Conexus MedStaff to add international nurses and medical technologists to their core team. Our quality Conexus healthcare professionals staff our U.S. hospital clients to support retention, stability and safe patient ratios for a long-term staffing solution.

Benefits of partnering with Conexus:

  • Diversification of your workforce

  • Increased retention rates

  • Cost efficiencies, including decreased turnover among healthcare staff

  • Full-service support of Conexus nurses and medical technologists, including free supplemental clinical education to support your staffing needs

  • Comprehensive and dedicated in-house expert team made up of immigration specialists, RNs, onboarding and clinical educators to implement the program and support the healthcare professionals

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More than a healthcare recruitment agency.

For U.S.-based hospitals and U.S.-based labs that are interested in learning more about how Conexus MedStaff can support your staffing and recruitment needs, please fill out the form below.

If you are an international nurse or medical technologist looking for a career in the U.S. with Conexus, please apply here.

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