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Conexus MedStaff international healthcare professionals success stories
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Celine’s story: fast-tracked U.S. medical technologist career with the H-1B visa lottery

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff
USA international medical technologist success story

The H-1B visa lottery is a popular choice for international medical technologists looking to start a new career in the United States with Conexus MedStaff, because it offers a faster path to working in the U.S. Medical technologist Celine, from the Philippines, chose to go the H-1B lottery route when she started her career journey with us. She now lives in Maryland and is fully embracing her American dream. This is her H-1B visa lottery story.

Through the H-1B visa lottery, selected individuals are given the chance to fast-track their U.S. immigration process in comparison to alternative visas, such as the EB-3. Celine applied to Conexus in the lead-up to the H-1B lottery, and opted to be entered into the lottery process.

“I chose the H-1B visa route to start my career in the U.S. because it was the quickest way for me to obtain a visa and start working immediately in the U.S.”

According to Celine, the process of applying for the H-1B visa was relatively fast and straightforward. She had to gather the necessary documents from various institutions but overall found the process to be smooth and efficient.

“Managing to secure the required paperwork was the most crucial part, and once that was in place, everything proceeded without major hurdles.”

And how did she react when she found out she was chosen in the H-1B visa lottery?

“It felt amazing! When I found out I was chosen in the visa lottery, I couldn’t believe it. I never imagined I’d be selected among all the participants. At first, it didn’t quite sink in, but after a while, the realization hit me, and I was overjoyed. Knowing I was closer to my dream made me so excited!”

Less than a year after being chosen in the H-1B visa lottery, Celine moved to the U.S. and started working in her chosen healthcare facility. She does state though that the timeline can differ for everyone.

“In my situation, I needed time to gather and complete various prerequisites before beginning the visa application process. Managing these requirements and ensuring everything was in order took several months, leading to the nearly year-long process before I could finally relocate and begin working in the U.S.”

Once the paperwork was in place though and the visa was secured, Celine was able to relocate to her new home in Silver Spring, Maryland. The transition made her a little nervous at first, but she soon settled in.

“Starting work in the U.S. felt nerve-wracking at first because of the different people and backgrounds. There was this mixture of excitement and fear, not knowing exactly what to expect. However, as I allowed myself some time to adapt and become familiar with the environment, I started making friends at work. I faced new challenges and learned a lot, which made everything more comfortable and enjoyable.”

Celine states that she would definitely recommend her fellow medical technologists follow in her footsteps by taking the H-1B visa lottery route with Conexus MedStaff. She claims that it “simply requires the submission of your resume and academic records,” that there is a “considerable probability of being selected,” and that “the waiting period is relatively short,” especially in comparison to alternative visa applications.

 “It’s a swift and cost-free process to enter, and if you’re selected, you can start your job in the U.S. immediately. For medical technologists seeking opportunities in the U.S., the H-1B visa lottery offers a quick pathway. It’s straightforward and efficient, allowing you to kickstart your career without lengthy delays. Moreover, working in the U.S. can provide exposure to advanced technologies and practices, offering valuable experience and professional growth in the field of medical technology.”

 The H-1B visa lottery process typically starts early in the calendar year. Conexus MedStaff will submit applications for all healthcare professionals who are interested in entering the lottery, making it important to start your application process with Conexus as soon as possible.

Are you an international medical technologist looking to start a new career in the U.S.? Apply now to find out how we can help.