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Managing stress as an international healthcare professional working in the United States
Team Spotlight (2)
Conexus team spotlight: Nikita Dover

​​We have a fantastic team of people at Conexus MedStaff! Whether we’re working behind the scenes, over the phone, or face-to-face with our nurses and medical technologists, we all have one thing i...

5 reasons to study nursing in the U.S. by Conexus MedStaff, the top employer of international student nurse graduates in the United States
5 reasons to study nursing in the U.S. as an international student

​As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to rise worldwide, pursuing a career in nursing has never been more enticing. The United States, in particular, offers a range of advan...

Learn how to communicate effectively as an international healthcare professional in the U.S.
Confidence in communication: a guide to mastering ‘speak-up culture’ in the U.S. workplace

​Workplace culture in the U.S., and in American society in general, is unique. As an international healthcare professional newly relocated to the United States, you may find it very different from ...

Budgeting tips for international healthcare professionals in the U.S.
10 tips to budget smarter while living in the U.S.

​Setting a monthly budget will help your money go further, leading to a better overall quality of life. With the cost of living rising everywhere, in the U.S. and abroad, there’s never been a more ...

ASA Care Award Honorable Mention
Conexus MedStaff Recognized for Community Efforts with ASA Care Award Honorable Mention

Conexus MedStaff has been recognized with an honorable mention in this year’s American Staffing Association Care Awards for its Conexus Connects initiative. This biennial award, hosted by the Ameri...

Sia Fastest Growing Us Staffing Firms List
U.S. cost of living comparison for international healthcare professionals – Austin vs San Angelo
Cost of living comparison: Austin vs San Angelo, Texas

​Choosing where to work and live in the U.S. is a big decision. We’re here to help guide you through the process of selecting where to set down roots so that you can get off to the best possible st...

Visa Bulletin
Visa Bulletin Update: October 2023

The U.S. Department of State has released the Visa Bulletin for the month of October 2023, which also begins the 2024 fiscal year. There have been some positive developments in the EB-3 visa catego...

Amazing things for international healthcare professionals to experience in the U.S.
International registered nurses and medical technologists must follow several steps in the EB-3 visa process.
Visa and Immigration Essentials: Guide for Healthcare Professionals

​Pursuing a career in healthcare in the United States is an exciting thought for many qualified professionals worldwide. Conexus MedStaff has immigration experts to help make your future career in ...

B2 B Immigration Journey For Mt
Navigating the Immigration Journey: How Hospital and Medical Laboratory Leaders Can Optimize Staffing with International Medical Technologists

​The healthcare field relies on the expertise and dedication of medical technologists from around the world, especially as lab test results direct 70% of all medical decisions regarding patient car...

Conexus MedStaff provides personalized education journeys for international healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care in their work
World Patient Safety Day: delivering better patient care, every day

​The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated September 17 as World Patient Safety Day, with the aim to bring all members of the community together to show their commitment to patient safety....

Hcp Spotlight  Asa Staffing Week
Conexus Healthcare Professional Spotlight: Lovely Subeldia

​Established by the American Staffing Association (ASA), September 11 – 17, 2023 is National Staffing Employee Week. This annual week honors the millions of temporary and contract employees that ...

A guide to patriotic U.S culture for international healthcare professionals
Learn more about religious diversity in the U.S. as an international healthcare professional
95   International Day Of Charity
International Day of Charity: Making a Difference in our Communities

September 5 is International Day of Charity, a time to celebrate and recognize charitable initiatives from organizations and individuals across the globe. Created by the United Nations on the anniv...

Priority Dates - what international healthcare professionals need to know
Priority Dates: what international healthcare professionals need to know

​Priority Dates are a critical aspect of the United States immigration system. They are used to determine when a petition for residency or citizenship – that we submit on behalf of our Conexus MedS...

Get your USA nursing career off to a great start with our help.
Embracing independence: empowering tips for international nursing graduates on F1 visas in the U.S.

​Have you thought about life after graduation yet? As an international nursing student studying in the U.S. on an F1 visa, it may be the case that you haven’t yet experienced what it’s like to live...

Learn how to overcome homesickness as an international healthcare professional working in the U.S.
From homesick to happy: practical advice for international healthcare professionals

​Being an international healthcare professional can be an incredible journey filled with learning, growth, and rewarding experiences. However, being far away from home and loved ones can also lead ...