Conexus MedStaff has hired thousands of internationally trained nurses and international students graduating from U.S. universities over the past 10 years. We are passionate about finding exceptional nurses extraordinary jobs and we are committed to your career growth as you join our Conexus Community and work in a U.S. hospital.

Conexus MedStaff stands out as a truly unique international nurse recruitment partner. We work with talented, qualified nurses who want to change the current path of their career or their life by working and living in the U.S.

Conexus takes pride in the Conexus community we build to support our nurses while helping you grow and build your career and a life you love. Learn more about American nurse jobs.

With our team by your side and the national shortage of nurses across America, the opportunities to work as a registered nurse in the U.S. and the need for international registered nurses like you are high and immediate. If you are ready to begin a journey of a lifetime - one that connects with so many lives along the way as you practice nursing in the USA, apply now. And, get additional insights from Andrew Moreton, CEO of Conexus MedStaff, in his commitment to Building the Future.

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NCELX Sponsorship Program from Conexus

Now Offering NCLEX Sponsorship​​

If you want to be a nurse in the U.S. but do not yet have your NCLEX-RN, let's connect. Conexus MedStaff is now sponsoring the NCLEX program, including licensure, preparation, review and testing costs, for qualified international nurses. To determine if you qualifiy for NCLEX sponsorship, apply today.

Why Nurses Choose Conexus MedStaff

Beyond our comprehensive benefits and rewards packages, there are many reasons why international nurses choose to start their U.S. nursing career with Conexus MedStaff, the top RN recruiting agency, including:

Free Visa Sponsorship
From the moment you become part of the Conexus MedStaff community and start your journey to the U.S., you will be supported and guided by our team of in-house immigration experts who will apply their expertise to navigate you through the full U.S. immigration process. 

Supported by Experts in Nursing and Immigration
At Conexus MedStaff, our team is fully educated on every aspect of your career pathway to the U.S. from legislative law to immigration policies, to regional knowledge of the United States. You can feel confident and supported as you embark on your new life-changing career in the United States as an international nurse.

No Fees
At Conexus MedStaff we do not ask for any fees or any upfront costs, nor do we take any money from your paycheck once you are here. This is part of our promise and commitment to you as a part of our Conexus community.

Assigned to one facility to help build a community
Unlike other nurse recruitment agencies, we don’t burn you out crisscrossing wide geographies to get to work every day. Your one placement offers you the opportunity to work at a single facility and become part of the community.

Endless U.S. career opportunities for international nurses
We have assignments to suit your long-term career and life goals. With hospital and long-term care facilities throughout the United States, and facilities of all sizes and specialties, Conexus MedStaff offers a career pathway for everyone.

Commitment to your growth and success in the U.S.
Our award-winning education and training program, Conexus Academy, will help you achieve your career goals and set you up for success in the U.S.

We are recognized for helping international nurses develop a career path beyond their initial assignment, and are here to provide support for all aspects of a life you love in the U.S.

Learn why other international nurses and international nursing students on an F1 visa and international nurses on and EB3 visa chose Conexus MedStaff.

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