The top agency for international nurses and medical technologists starting a U.S. career

Conexus MedStaff is a healthcare professionalrecruitment and staffing agencydedicated to helping international registered nurses, international U.S. nursing graduates and international medical technologists achieve the dream of a healthcare career in the U.S. Get deeper insights on our healthcare professional recruiting from our CEO, Andrew Moreton.

Our experienced team is committed to ethical, best practice nursing by improving the working lives of our candidates and diversifying staffing models for our clients. That (and more) is what makes Conexus a leading international nurse and medical technologist recruitment agency and the #4 Fastest-Growing Nursing Firm in the U.S., according to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

We offer a wealth of services through our on-site assignment support. Clients and our healthcare professionals thrive with Conexus MedStaff because we're dedicated to delivering an end-to-end recruitment service. We mitigate immigration headaches by pursuing visas and licensing for our candidates and enable continuous professional development through learning programs and resources. Learn more directly from our Conexus nurses in the U.S.

Do you prefer a rural or urban setting? Do you want a career in a hospital or post-acute care facility? Already in the U.S., coming to the U.S. alone, or do you have a family to bring with you? Conexus takes pride in the Conexus community we build to support our nurses and medical technologists while helping you grow and build your career and a life you love. Learn more about American nurse jobs and working as a medical technologist with Conexus.

About Conexus MedStaff - the top nursing agency in the U.S.
Supporting international nurses in the U.S.


Traveling the world, we go the distance to find and support the most qualified international nurses, medical technologists and U.S.-based international nursing students who want a fulfilling career as a registered U.S. nurse.

With offices in the Philippines, the UK and the United States, we work globally and throughout the U.S. to match international nurses with supportive communities and meaningful jobs to build a life they love in the U.S. 

Our dedicated and experienced Conexus experts provide on the ground training and support for both the work and the life to support a nurse's personal goals in the U.S. We are the top agency for international nursing students and overseas nurses to start and grow a U.S. nursing career.


We change lives and solve healthcare staffing challenges. At Conexus MedStaff we go the extra mile for our nurses and medical technologists. It's all part of the full-service recruitment package from Conexus MedStaff. To do that, we make it our priority to support and develop your career and growth.​
  • Immigration and Licensing - we manage it for you.

  • We deploy our healthcare professionals 5 times faster than other agencies.

  • We offer an NCLEX-RN Sponsorship Program.

  • We help our healthcare professionals grow in their careers, even when the employment with us ends.

  • We set up our nurses and medical technologists for success. Get prepared to be at your best for your new role in the U.S., thanks to our personalized education program, immigration experts, case managers and on the ground support teams.

​If you have a patient safety concern contact the Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610.

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