Learn more about Conexus Medstaff's vision, mission and values and how shines through in what we do.

Vision, Mission, and Values

As the leading international and US nurse recruitment agency for US healthcare providers, Conexus Medstaff set the benchmark for our industry by adhering to a specific code of guidelines - our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Our System of Values

Conexus Medstaff adheres to five core values that shine through in everything we do.

Passion – We are passionately driven by finding great people great jobs.

Integrity – We care about doing things right and we do the right thing.

Care & Support – We care and support our people, employees, nurses, clients, and communities.

Family – We are a proud family business, that welcomes everyone we work with to be part of our family.

Growth – We are committed to continuously learning and supporting everyone’s professional development.

Our Working Mission​

How do our values come through in our quest to deliver sound international nurse recruitment services in the US? Through our working missions within nurse recruitment. Namely:

We prepare international and US nurses for success on their first US assignment by ​arranging and funding visas; providing thorough onboarding; ongoing education; a bespoke training program involving clinical training and; personal support for their move to the United States.

We provide quality nurses to medically underserved areas in the United States to enhance the quality of care in these communities;

We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction from clients to nurses recruited for them;

We work closely with leading Universities and Colleges to attract talented students and provide them with a clear career pathway, encompassing long-term care through to regional healthcare systems.

Our Overall Vision

To adhere to your values and mission, you need to have sight of what you will deliver. That’s all part of the Conexus Medstaff vision - for the healthcare facilities we work with, and the talented nurses and graduates we support.

We want to be the best company staff have worked for, embracing family and caring values, preparing nurses and clients to deliver top-quality service and set up for success in their careers and lives;

We’re focused on making a sociological and economic impact on communities, clients, and nurses;

We aim to provide a competitive supply of competent, qualified nurses to clients, that offers value for money, significantly higher success rates and lower turnover rates on assignments than competitors;

We want to become the #1 preferred partner with Universities and Colleges in the United States to attract international nursing under-graduate and post-graduate students and become an employer of choice for their first and subsequent assignments.

US Ready: Because we're more than just a recruiter

Our US Ready content is available for candidates who work with Conexus to maximize their American dream. Read below to learn more about this unique training program for the nursing immigration process.

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