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USA H-1B visa lottery for international medical technologists
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Medical technologists: what is the U.S. H-1B visa lottery?

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

There is lots of exciting opportunity for medical technologists to work in the United States. The role of a medical technologist, also known as a medical laboratory scientist, is critical in a healthcare setting – and there are many vacancies available for international to start a new career in the U.S. One of the fastest ways to make the move is through the H-1B visa lottery. In this article, we explain what the H-1B visa lottery is, and how it can be your ticket to fast-tracking your American dream.

An introduction to the H-1B lottery

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers in specialized occupations, such as medical technologists. Each year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) opens a window for employers to petition for H-1B visas on behalf of their prospective employees. However, due to the high number of applications exceeding the available visa cap, a lottery system is used to select the beneficiaries.

The process - from petition to lottery

  1. Employer sponsorship: To begin the H-1B visa process, a U.S. employer must sponsor you as a medical technologist. Conexus MedStaff will act as your sponsor. We will work with you to gather all necessary documentation. In March 2024, Conexus will register all medical technologists who wish to be entered into the H-1B visa lottery.

  2. Random selection: Once all employees have been registered USCIS randomly selects a predetermined number of petitions to meet the visa cap of 85,000 available visas.

  3. Notification of selection: If your petition is selected in the lottery, it is considered to be "chosen" and enters the next phase of processing. If your petition is not selected, you will not be eligible for an H-1B visa for that fiscal year, however, that doesn’t mean the end of your future career in the U.S.! Conexus will work on applying for an EB-3 visa for you.

  4. USCIS filing: For “chosen” medical technologists, once the petition is ready, it is submitted to USCIS. Typically, all petitions need to be filed by the end of June.

  5. Petition processing: After being chosen in the lottery, your H-1B petition undergoes further scrutiny and review by the USCIS. Once your petition is filed, USCIS will review your eligibility, the authenticity of the documentation submitted, and verify that the offered salary meets all requirements.

  6. Approval or denial: Based on the USCIS review, your H-1B petition will be approved or denied. If approved, we can proceed and apply for your visa screen and prepare you for your Embassy Interview.

  7. Embassy interview: This is the final stage of the H-1B visa process before you deploy to the U.S. To ensure your success, Conexus will best prepare you for your embassy interview. Once your visa is issued you can enter the U.S., and you can begin working as a medical technologist.

Timelines and outcomes

The H-1B visa process involves several stages, each with its own timeline. Some key points to consider are:

  • The H-1B filing period typically opens on March 1st each year, and if the cap is reached within the first five business days, a lottery is conducted.

  • We recommend applying to Conexus MedStaff as early as possible before the lottery opens, so that we have plenty of time to gather the documents required to register you in time.

  • Once selected, it may take several months for the USCIS to process and approve chosen H-1B petitions.

  • If your petition is approved, it may only take a matter of months for you to move to the U.S.!

Keep in mind that each year's H-1B lottery has its own unique circumstances, and that there are no guarantees. The timelines and outcomes can vary, making it vital to stay informed and prepared throughout the process. Your Conexus Experience Co-ordinator will provide you with updates as and when they are available, to help guide you throughout the H-1B lottery journey.

Understanding the H-1B lottery process is essential for medical technologists who want to go through the fastest route to working in the U.S. Because the lottery system doesn’t offer any guarantees, Conexus MedStaff will work with you to submit for an alternative visa, so that you can achieve your version of the American dream, whatever the outcome of the lottery may be.

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