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Wellness program for international registered nurses and medical technologists in the USA
International healthcare professionals - settle into your new home in the USA
Moving abroad: managing the emotional rollercoaster

​Welcome to the United States! Relocating to a new country, particularly one with a distinct culture like the U.S., can be an exciting yet challenging experience. As an international healthcare pro...

Self-care ideas for international healthcare professionals
International nursing students in the USA - mental health resources and advice
Thriving abroad: handling stress as an international nursing student in the U.S.

​Living in the United States as an international nursing student comes with an abundance of exciting perks, but there are also challenges to overcome. Adjusting to a new culture and educational sys...

Mental health resources for international healthcare professionals in the USA
Free mental health resources for international healthcare professionals

​Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being and can have a significant impact on your professional and personal life. World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10 every year, serv...

Managing stress as an international healthcare professional working in the United States
Learn how to overcome homesickness as an international healthcare professional working in the U.S.
From homesick to happy: practical advice for international healthcare professionals

​Being an international healthcare professional can be an incredible journey filled with learning, growth, and rewarding experiences. However, being far away from home and loved ones can also lead ...

Importance of community for international healthcare professionals in the U.S.
Settling in the States: the importance of building a supportive community

​Building a community around you is crucial for your success, happiness, and overall well-being. It becomes even more important after moving country, whether you move on your own, with family or wi...

Hobbies for international healthcare professionals who want to meet new people after moving to the U.S.
Want to make new friends after moving country? Try out these social hobbies!

​Looking to make friends in your new community? Here’s some inspiration. Creating a positive balance between work, personal and social life is important for healthy, happy living. Your social circl...

Tips making local connections and building a community that you’ll love in the United States.
How to build a community when you move to a new country

​Moving to a new country is a big deal, but getting settled into your new home doesn’t have to be scary. As part of the Conexus MedStaff community, you’ll have access to a full team of experts to h...