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Tips making local connections and building a community that you’ll love in the United States.
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How to build a community when you move to a new country

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

Moving to a new country is a big deal, but getting settled into your new home doesn’t have to be scary. As part of the Conexus MedStaff community, you’ll have access to a full team of experts to help you find your feet – including our local area experts, who will be there for you from the time you deplane in the U.S. They’ll introduce you to our warm and welcoming communities, but it’s good to make your own way, too!

Whether you’ve moved on your own, with family or friends, here are our top tips for making local connections and building a community that you’ll love.

Join local pages on social media

Facebook in particular is great for finding local communities, but you can also find online groups via search engines. Most communities will have online groups for people local to the area. These are a great way to find out about nearby events and happenings that you can take part in, while also giving you a sense of what’s happening in your neighborhood.


There are always opportunities to contribute to your local community! Volunteering can be an exciting way to meet new people who care about the same things that you do. Resources such as are a good place to start finding opportunities.

Find a favorite place, and keep going back

When you discover somewhere you enjoy – which could be a café, restaurant, recreation center or somewhere else entirely – keep going back. People will start to notice you when you become a regular, and they’re likely to strike up a conversation.

Get to know your colleagues

Your colleagues are who you’ll spend most of your time with, so it’s worthwhile getting to know them. Take the time during breaks to find out more about them. Finding something in common is a solid foundation for starting a new friendship. There’s also the opportunity to be introduced to your colleagues’ own communities, which will expand your social circle.

Join a team

Not necessarily a sports team! Whatever you’re into, do your research to find your nearest group of like-minded people. You’re likely to find groups of people who are into all sorts of exciting activities from football and baseball, to chess and Scrabble… even games like Pokemon Go and Dungeons and Dragons.

Greet newcomers

When new neighbors move in, or new colleagues join your place of work, be amongst the first to greet them. Whether they’re new in town or not they’ll be looking to build connections too – which means you’ve instantly got something in common!

Be kind

This may sound obvious, but being kind can be a way to meet new people. Something as small but meaningful as asking someone how their day’s been or how they’re feeling can lead to bigger conversations. Simple gestures speak volumes too, like bringing in a plate of cookies or something from your home culture to work for your colleagues to share.

Create your own opportunities

If you can’t find a community group that fits your social wants, then make one! Set up a regular time and place to meet, and then advertise using flyers and/or online posts. Just because you’re new in town doesn’t mean you can’t set something up for yourself and other people to enjoy.

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