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International Nurses Medical Technologists Understand Us Healthcare Contract Before Signing
Understanding your U.S. healthcare employment contract

​Receiving an offer for a new job, such as to work as an international registered nurse or medical technologist in the United States, can be extremely exciting. Before signing a contract, it’s impo...

Our experts understand federal immigration requirements.
Destination: Green Card for international nurses in the USA

​You long to reach your goal of holding a Green Card and working as an international nurse in the USA. To get to that point, you’re asked to trust your dreams and career to a long immigration proce...

Clinical Laboratory Technologist Jobs
​Pursue Clinical Laboratory Technologist jobs in the U.S.

​If you’re hoping to work in the U.S. as an international medical technologist, also known as a medical laboratory scientist (MLS), Conexus MedStaff is the ideal agency that can match your experien...