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International healthcare professionals: why now is the right time to move to the USA
Career opportunities for healthcare professionals in the United States
U.S. healthcare career opportunities with Conexus MedStaff

​The demand for skilled healthcare professionals in the United States has surged in recent years, opening up exciting career opportunities for international registered nurses and medical technologi...

International nurses and medical technologists making the decision to move to the USA
Making the life-changing decision to relocate to the U.S.

​Embarking on the journey to relocate to the United States as an international registered nurse or medical technologist is a life-changing decision that requires careful consideration and planning....

5 reasons to study nursing in the U.S. by Conexus MedStaff, the top employer of international student nurse graduates in the United States
5 reasons to study nursing in the U.S. as an international student

​As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to rise worldwide, pursuing a career in nursing has never been more enticing. The United States, in particular, offers a range of advan...

U.S. cost of living comparison for international healthcare professionals - New York City vs Syracuse
Cost of Living Comparison: New York City vs. Syracuse, New York

​Moving to a new country can be the adventure of a lifetime. As you pursue your American dream of working as a U.S. nurse or medical technologist, you might have your heart set on a specific locati...

Cultural Differences
Filipino Registered Nurse starts new life in United States with Conexus MedStaff
Pearl’s nursing story: from Oman to West Virginia

Pearl, originally from the Philippines, was working as an Urgent Care nurse in Oman when she first heard about Conexus MedStaff. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused major changes at her hospital, Pea...