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U.S. cost of living comparison for international healthcare professionals - New York City vs Syracuse
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Cost of Living Comparison: New York City vs. Syracuse, New York

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

​Moving to a new country can be the adventure of a lifetime. As you pursue your American dream of working as a U.S. nurse or medical technologist, you might have your heart set on a specific location. When you’re planning to build your life in the United States, it’s important to consider the cost of living and what you can realistically afford based on your needs and lifestyle. This is especially true when you are moving to the United States given its varied costs of living depending on the area of residence.

It's no surprise that many of our healthcare professionals have expressed a desire to live in New York City. With the largest population of any city in the United States at 8.5 million people, New York City is a popular destination for international travelers and U.S. citizens alike. It also consistently ranks as the number one most expensive city in the United States.

Since the cost of living impacts how far you can stretch your dollar, many Conexus healthcare professionals choose to start their U.S. journey in a smaller, more affordable city.

To give you a better understanding of how the cost of living varies, this article will provide a cost comparison between New York City and Syracuse, New York.

New York City and Syracuse, NY

In New York City, an apartment that rents for $4,630 would cost $1,142 in Syracuse. That’s a 75% difference. If you’re planning on purchasing a home rather than renting, a home that sells for $2,486,094 in Manhattan could be owned for $517,746 in Syracuse – a 79% difference.

Below you’ll see some examples of some common expenses and what they cost in each city.

U.S. cost of living comparison for international healthcare professionals - New York City vs Syracuse

While both cities have much to offer, the cost of living in New York City can be much higher than that of Syracuse. This is particularly true in terms of housing and transportation, both of which can come at a premium in The Big Apple. Clearly, Syracuse is a much more affordable option for healthcare professionals looking to move to the United States, while still being able to enjoy a high quality of life.

Can I choose where I work when I start my healthcare career in the U.S.?

We collaborate with healthcare organizations across the United States to provide opportunities for international nurses and medical technologists moving to the U.S. as well as nursing graduates on the F1 visa looking for OPT and Green Card sponsorship. Once you start working with Conexus, we do everything we can to make sure you’re placed at a location that is a good fit for both you and the healthcare organization. 

To do this, we follow a placement process that takes your geographical preferences, career goals, acuity level, and other factors into consideration.

Learn more about our placement process.

How can I start working as a U.S. nurse or medical technologist?

We specialize in helping international nurses and medical technologists build a life and career they love in the United States. Getting started is simple: Apply today, and someone from our team will reach out to you soon with more information.

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