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Pandemic to Endemic: Taking Care of Our Healthcare Professionals

​Pandemics are a pervasive, rapid spread of disease, with exponentially rising cases over a large area. Endemic viruses, meanwhile, are constantly present and have predictable spread. That predicta...

Tired Exhausted Female African Scrub Nurse Wears Face Mask Blue Uniform Gloves Sits On Hospital Floor
If Left Untreated: The Fallout of Nurse Fatigue and Burnout

It seems like only yesterday we were raising the flag on the importance of our nurses and their impact on quality outcomes and patient care always, but particularly in the midst of a global pandemi...

Are you staying up to date on nursing qualifications?
USA Nurses - Value of Continuing Education

Continuing education is crucial to the nursing profession for not only your safety but the safety of your patients. It is your duty to take part in continuing education units so that you can remain...