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Thrive Certification Program Blog
Conexus MedStaff Launches Certification Program to Enhance Professional Development and Career Advancement in Nurses

​In celebration of National Nurses Week, Conexus MedStaff is thrilled to announce the launch of the Conexus Thrive Certification Program. Designed to empower and support Conexus registered nurses, ...

Conexus expert interview - USA RN career paths
Blog  Headers   February 2024
Patient Safety Awareness Week - How Conexus Academy helps international healthcare professionals deliver better patient care

​Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 10-16 in 2024) is a yearly observance intended to promote the importance of healthcare safety and patient well-being. According to the World Health Organizatio...

Conexus MedStaff provides personalized education journeys for international healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care in their work
World Patient Safety Day: delivering better patient care, every day

​The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated September 17 as World Patient Safety Day, with the aim to bring all members of the community together to show their commitment to patient safety....

Florida Nursing Shortage
Solving for the Nurse Staffing Shortage in Florida

Florida, like many states across the U.S., is facing a nursing shortage that needs to be addressed urgently. According to a 2021 report released by the Florida Hospital Association and Safety Net H...

Nurse Staffing Shortage in Texas: Why it's Important to Have a Plan to Close the Gap

​The nursing staffing shortage in Texas is a growing concern that needs to be addressed urgently. According to Projections Central, Texas is projected to have 16,210 nursing positions available bet...

Continuous learning for international nurses
International Nurses - Continuous Education in the USA

Knowledge is power. While so much of what we hear and read about in healthcare today is about nurses leaving the bedside, pay and staffing ratios; safety for the nurse and the patient is also an i...