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Tips making local connections and building a community that you’ll love in the United States.
How to build a community when you move to a new country

​Moving to a new country is a big deal, but getting settled into your new home doesn’t have to be scary. As part of the Conexus MedStaff community, you’ll have access to a full team of experts to h...

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​Moving with your Family to the United States as an International Healthcare Professional

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you are bringing along your family. As a healthcare professional, there are several things you need to know when moving to the ...

Florida Nursing Shortage
Solving for the Nurse Staffing Shortage in Florida

Florida, like many states across the U.S., is facing a nursing shortage that needs to be addressed urgently. According to a 2021 report released by the Florida Hospital Association and Safety Net H...

Nurse Staffing Shortage in Texas: Why it's Important to Have a Plan to Close the Gap

​The nursing staffing shortage in Texas is a growing concern that needs to be addressed urgently. According to Projections Central, Texas is projected to have 16,210 nursing positions available bet...

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3 Reasons Why International Nurses Choose the U.S. for Their Nursing Careers

​Nursing is a highly respected and in-demand profession worldwide, and the United States is an attractive destination for international nurses for several reasons. In this blog, we will explore som...

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Tips for Taking the Next Generation NCLEX Exam

​The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) is a new exam that has been introduced by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) this year. This new exam is designed to better assess a nurse's ab...

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Understanding U.S. Immigration and Retrogression

​The EB-3 visa is a popular option for international healthcare professionals who wish to work in the United States. However, the U.S. immigration system is complex, and there are often delays and ...