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Caribbean Nurses Making The Move To The U.S.
Caribbean Nurses: Making The Move to the U.S.

Conexus Meet and Greet with Caribbean NursesIn 2017, approximately 4.4 million Caribbean immigrants resided in the U.S., accounting for 10 percent of the nation’s 44.5 million immigrants. And due t...

Licensing Requirements For Overseas Nurses Working In The Us
A rundown of license requirements for an overseas nurse

Are you a registered nurse? Do you want to work in the United States?Whether you are in the Philippines, India or Australia, there are visa and paperwork requirements that you need to consider. Of ...

We have put together our bespoke Conexus Medstaff US Ready Programme, which will set you up for success as an RN or other healthcare professional in the US.
RN Recruiting: Setting You Up for Success in the USA

We understand the challenges international nurses and healthcare workers can face when they arrive to work in the US. That's why we have our award-winning Conexus MedStaff U.S. Ready Program, which...