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Blog  Headers   May 2024
Navigating the Path to Success: Opportunities for May Graduates in U.S. Healthcare

As May graduation unfolds, international nursing students in the U.S. on the F1 visa stand at the threshold of new beginnings.This pivotal moment can be both exciting and challenging. Beyond the ca...

Blog  Headers   May 2024
Student Nurse Day: Tips for Balancing Study, Work, and Self-Care

​As we celebrate Student Nurse Day, it's crucial to acknowledge the dedication and hard work that nursing students put into their education and training. The journey to becoming a nurse is not an e...

International Nurse Students & Graduates: Getting A Job On An F1 Visa
USA Nurse Job F1 Visa: International Nursing Students and Graduates

While some international nurses on an F1 visa will return to their home country, most will look to remain in the U.S. and enter the nursing profession. The question is, how do you get started? And ...