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Diversity In The Medical Field 2
Preparing for the Enhanced Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Exam: What International Nurses, International Nursing Graduates Should Know

​If you’re an international nurse or an international nursing student on the F1 visa looking to start your career as a U.S. nurse, you’ll need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam before you can start working...

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U.S. May 2023 Visa Bulletin: EB-3 Dates, Supply for International Nurse and Medical Technologist Jobs

The U.S. Department of State has released the May 2023 Visa Bulletin, showing change for the Philippines, ROW, and China. The Philippines and ROW have retrogressed by 10 months, China has moved for...

Jessica Blog
OR Nurse from Taiwan Shares her Experience Moving to the U.S. with Goals to become CRNA

Career growth and opportunities to build a future are what drive many international nurses to start their U.S. nursing jobs with Conexus MedStaff. That's what motivated Jessica, a registered nurse ...