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U.S. May 2023 Visa Bulletin: EB-3 Dates, Supply for International Nurse and Medical Technologist Jobs

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Veronica Sanchez, Conexus MedStaff Immigration Director

The U.S. Department of State has released the May 2023 Visa Bulletin, showing change for the Philippines, ROW, and China. The Philippines and ROW have retrogressed by 10 months, China has moved forward by five months, and India has remained the same.

The Priority Dates for EB-3 Visas are as follows:

  • EB-3 for Other Nationalities (1 JUNE 2022)

  • EB-3 for the Philippines (1 JUNE 2022)

  • EB-3 for India (15 JUNE 2012)

  • EB-3 for China (1 APRIL 2019)

What is Retrogression for EB-3 Visas?
The United States congress sets limits on the number of immigrant visas that can be issued each year. To attain a visa, an immigrant visa must be available to the applicant at the time of adjudication, this is referred to as the priority date being “current”. The Department of State publishes the monthly Visa Bulletin which lists the cut-off dates that govern visa availability.

What to do if your Priority Date is in Retrogression
If your priority date has retrogressed, it is still crucial to continue moving the process along by passing all required exams – such as the NCLEX, ASCPi or AMT and English proficiency exams - and providing required documentation.

While you’re waiting for your priority date to become current, it is important to maintain communication and seek support from your visa sponsor. Conexus MedStaff is committed to helping our international nurses and medical technologists as they navigate retrogression and the immigration process.

Expert Immigration Support for International Nurses Filing for an EB-3 Visa
The immigration and visa petition process can be confusing, which is why it is important to have support from experts who have deep knowledge and understanding of every step. Conexus MedStaff has a dedicated immigration team that specializes in helping international nurses, U.S.-trained international nursing students with F1 status, and medical technologists through the immigration process.

Don’t wait to begin your journey to becoming a U.S. nurse or medical technologist. Apply today to get started.