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U is for Unique: Our Nursing Recruitment Approach

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

There are other agencies out there that can help you get to the U.S., but what Conexus offers is special.

Conexus Medstaff is a community!

The Conexus Community

From the beginning of your new journey, we want you to feel a part of the Conexus Community. That’s why even before you arrive in the U.S., we will put you in touch with other international nurses that are working within your local area. With their experiences and knowledge of what you will be facing for the first time, our network of international nurses will be able to answer your questions and offer another level of support.

Once you are in the U.S., not only will you be surrounded by people just like you, but the Conexus MedStaff team visit with you regularly. Our goal is to make sure everything is running smoothly. We even like to throw a community get-together or two!

In addition to that, Conexus MedStaff offers unrivaled access to an inspiring network of partners who are happy to support our candidates at any stage in their emigration journey. That means that if you are looking for help with passing your NCLEX exam, we can offer it. Or, if you’re looking for advice on immigration procedures, our experienced team knows all the right people that can help you.

Other benefits of Conexus

Besides our ongoing support and friendship, we also offer an excellent benefits package, fast processing times and full visa and immigration support from Conexus MedStaff. It all means you can sit back and start planning your adventure whilst we handle all of the processing!

To find out more about Conexus, and what we can offer you, get in touch with Conexus MedStaff today.