Nurse Hiring: Why Work with Our Agency?

Nursing Recruitment Agency: Why start your journey with us?

We understand that taking a new role abroad can be a huge step and that the complex visa requirements, credentialing and licensing, not to mention the logistics of working and living in a new country or state, can feel overwhelming.

Whether you are:

  • an international nurse;
  • international allied health professional seeking to move to the USA;
  • a US travel nurse looking for your next move, or;
  • a physician wishing to work in the Middle East;

Conexus handles all this for you.

You are about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of your life and we believe it should be exciting, not stressful. The team at Conexus provides unrivaled support to all of our candidates, from registering your details, right up to your first day in your new role. We remain at your side every step of the way throughout your entire career to make sure you achieve your goals.

Our credentials

Conexus partners with reputable healthcare facilities throughout the USA and the Middle East. We offer our candidates some of the most sought-after positions on the market.  You are also safe in the knowledge that we always gain a full understanding of all our partner facilities’ exact requirements. If we put you forward for a role, rest assured that you and the facility are well matched.

Your work/life balance

Matching you to your perfect role is only part of the challenge. You have to love where you live so that you can really make the most of your new adventure.

We spend time in the communities where we place our candidates to make sure you’re perfectly matched to your new position and living environment. We always seek to gain a true understanding of your requirements and, if applicable, those of your family, so that we can find the ideal location for this next exciting chapter of your life.

Connecting you

Both before and after deployment, we will put you in contact with other Conexus candidates living in your area who can offer advice and support on their experiences so far.

Conexus has a growing online candidate community who keeps in contact to share tips and exchange stories via our social media channels. Make sure that you catch us there and join the conversation.

Why work with Conexus

Conexus provides clients with professional permanent placements and contract staff and we have earned the reputation as a key strategic partner to leading healthcare facilities across the USA and in the Middle East.

Formerly known as Link Hospital & Healthcare Professionals, our cost effective staffing solutions see us working closely with clients to build long term partnerships for clients in the USA and the Middle East.


Our cost-effective staffing solutions see us working closely with clients to determine their exact requirements. Because we can provide a mix of travel nurses and international nurses, as well as international allied health professionals, our clients benefit from the cost saving of using a single point of contact for both.  We feel confident that we can undercut current travel nurse providers by $5/hour. Furthermore, using an international nurse can save on average $15-$20/hour compared to travel nurses, making Conexus an attractive partner.

The team at Conexus goes above and beyond simply finding someone to fit a role. We ensure candidates are ideally matched to locations and communities so that they thrive in their new environment.

Our team has relationships with key players in the market, such as lobbyists and immigration attorneys, to ensure the immigration process runs smoothly for our selected candidates.

We have a strong regional presence and we personally visit communities to gain a good understanding of the local area, so that we can perfectly match candidates to hospitals and locations. We actively develop recruitment partner relationships across the globe, giving us access to the very best talent worldwide.  

Middle East

Our local knowledge is second to none, and our website provides a strong attraction of candidates. We use a leading CRM platform, BlueSky, to speed up our documentation and timesheet processes, and we can interface with our clients' VMS platforms and time management systems to ensure seamless control.