Finding the right international RN recruiting job opportunity can be overwhelming. There’s much to consider before putting your trust in an agency or employer and leaving your home to work in a new country. How can you tell which is the right company for you?

At Conexus MedStaff, we are fully committed to all of our nurses and medical technologists. To help you with your decision, we’ve narrowed down the main issues to consider. 

How much support does the agency offer?

Support is at the top of the list for a reason. As an international nurse dreaming to work in the U.S., the process can feel overwhelming. Dealing with the complicated immigration and licensing paperwork is enough to turn away many qualified candidates. Add on travel planning, securing accommodations, and overcoming language barriers, and the process can feel impossible. 

It’s critical for an RN recruiting agency to give top-notch, long-term support from start to finish. That way, you can focus on providing your patients with the highest level of care. 

Check to see if the agencies you’re looking at offer support through the immigration and medical licensing processes, as well as on-site support at your assignment. Do they offer a case manager, and how often are they available to help you? The answers to these questions can make a big difference in your experience. 

What kind of training is available?

Nothing is worse than arriving in a new place of employment and not knowing their procedures. Policies and protocols differ from country to country, so you want to be thoroughly trained and prepared for your specific assignment. 

Make sure the agency you’re considering offers relevant and quality training. They should also provide access to Continuing Education resources, as you’ll need to stay current on advances in your field. 

Can you choose your location? 

The location of your assignment can mean the difference between a great experience and a terrible one. As you research agencies, check their flexibility with location options. 

It helps to know what you have in mind. Do you want an urban or rural setting? A small community hospital or a large acute-care facility? Will you be bringing family along? All of these considerations may affect your choice of location. Find an agency that is attentive to your unique needs. 

What is the term of your contract?

No one wants to be moving from location to location or commuting long distances to work. That’s what travel nursing is for. A good RN recruitment agency will take pains to find you a single-location assignment. This cuts down on excessive travel and burnout.

Are there charges and fees? 

Some agencies will add on costs and fees throughout the process. These can add up and become expensive. Before you apply for positions, decide on your budget. What can you spend and what is too much? Then carefully read the recruitment agency’s website or talk to a representative about any costs.

How fast can they place you?

Another factor to consider is speed. How quickly can the agency take you from application to placement? Depending on your situation, time may or may not be an issue. If it is, check the agency’s average processing time.

Do they go beyond recruiting?

Some staffing companies do only the bare minimum and stop after they place you at an assignment. No one wants to feel abandoned, especially in a new job and new place. You want an agency that goes beyond expectations, is always there to answer questions, and makes you feel like family.

If it’s important to you to find an international RN recruiting agency that offers the features above and more, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or, learn more about how Conexus goes above and beyond to give our nurses and medical technologists the best experience and growth opportunities available.

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