If you are an international nursing student or a recent graduate of a U.S. nursing program, then you are in luck! There are a wealth of RN jobs in the USA just waiting for talented, hard working nurses like you to step into them. And Conexus MedStaff is here to help you find the perfect fit. 

Our team at Conexus MedStaff consists of experienced professionals dedicated to helping international registered nurses and international U.S. nursing graduates achieve their dream of building an American nursing career. 

For us, placing you in a RN job in the USA is just part of the process. Our goal is to ensure you are taken care of your entire journey with us. In fact, we continue to provide on-the-ground support to some of our healthcare professionals after they have moved on.  

Many nurses love working with us because we not only find RN jobs in the USA, we also provide a personalized learning and growth path to support your goals. We also work to understand your specific situation, and provide the support that works best with your needs. With Conexus MedStaff, you’re a person and a healthcare professional. Our full-service recruitment package accounts for your life and career priorities. 

We understand moving to a new country or starting a career in a new place can be overwhelming. We take as much of that burden off your shoulders as we can. That way, you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients and acclimating to your new community. For example, at Conexus MedStaff we manage your visa and licensing processes at no cost to you. We also make your move as easy as possible. And because navigating a new area can be confusing, we can help you find such essentials as local grocery stores, banks, and churches or social groups. 

When it comes to placement, we don’t send you to just any job. We want to help you find the right RN job in the USA, where you can have a career-defining experience. So we offer a variety of nursing specialties to match your interests and skills set including:

  • Behavioral Health

  • Cath Lab

  • Critical Care

  • Emergency Room (ER)

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Medical Surgery

  • Operating Room (OR)

  • Psychiatric & Behavioral Health

  • Rehabilitation

  • Telemetry

There are so many reasons why Conexus MedStaff is the best choice for finding RN jobs in the USA, especially if you’re an international nursing student or a recent graduate in the USA. 

If you are an international nursing student or a recent graduate, then you’re probably looking for jobs right now. But if you plan on staying in the USA for more than one year after you graduate, then working with Conexus MedStaff may be a better idea than finding a position on your own.

Here’s why: when you find a job on your own, you take the risk of your employer choosing not to sponsor your green card. If you cannot find a sponsor for your green card before your temporary F1 Visa expires, then you will have to return to your country of citizenship and apply for a green card. The green card process can be long and frustrating, and it will delay your dream of getting a RN job in the USA.

However, if you work with Conexus MedStaff, we will not only help you find RN jobs, but we will also sponsor your green card and help you through all the confusing paperwork. 

RN Jobs in the USA