FAQs for international nurses working in the U.S.

US RN Job FAQs for International Nurses

Who are the right candidates for Conexus?

The ideal Conexus candidate will have:

A current acute clinical position or a current LTC position 

Passed the NCLEX exam

Existing priority date from a previous EB-3 visa application

Valid Academic IELTS results

Valid visa screen certificate

For candidates who have not yet passed the NCLEX exam, we could consider your application providing that you specialize in one of the following areas (please note that you would also be required to maintain your experience within that area): 




Cath Lab



For such candidates, it would still be necessary for you to take and pass the NCLEX exam. We would assist you with the process and reimburse you for the cost of the NCLEX exam that you passed when you arrived to work for us in the USA.

How many positions are you looking to fill?

Conexus currently has access to more than 85 hospitals in 20 different states and we are constantly looking to expand the number of hospital-clients who we are actively working with. In answer to this question, at the moment we are essentially looking to recruit an unlimited number of nurses who can fill the growing list of positions.

Can I refer a friend/colleague?

Our team would be delighted to receive qualified referrals from any of our existing candidates. Conexus actively encourages candidate referrals by offering a “referral bonus” for successful candidates. The referral bonus would be paid in two parts. The first part of the bonus, in the amount of $250.00 USD, would be paid to you once the new nurse you had referred change of sponsor has been submitted and approved by USCIS. The second part of the bonus, in the amount of $250.00 USD, will be paid to you upon the new nurse you referred to arriving in the USA for his/her assignment with Conexus. In total, if you refer a qualified nurse, once he/she completes the process and is in the USA, you will have received $500.00 USD for the referral.

What is the recruitment process?

Conexus’s recruitment process has 5 stages. You must pass each of these stages in order to progress to the next stage and finally be offered a contract if successful. The 5 stages of our recruitment process are below or you can visit our Application Process page for more information. 


When you first apply for the position of a nurse in the USA, one of our experienced advisors will screen your application form and CV. If your experience and qualifications match those required by our partner hospitals, you will receive a telephone call to discuss your application in more detail.

1st Interview

You will then be invited to attend the first round of clinical interviews which will take place via telephone or Skype. These are undertaken by a clinical interviewer who can assess your suitability for the role and will take around 30 minutes.

Competency Exam

After a successful first round interview, you’ll then be invited to sit an online Nurse Competency Exam, which is used by a number of hospitals in the USA to assess your suitability. You are required to achieve at least 75 percent on your first attempt in order to pass.1

2nd Interview

If you pass the Nurse Competency Exam you’ll then have a second-round interview, carried out by our team in the USA. Based on the outcome of this final interview, our team in the USA will then be able to make the decision on whether or not to offer you a contract with Conexus.

Offer of Employment

Once you have been successful in the Conexus Selection Process and have signed your employment contract, the team at Conexus will start to get your adventure underway! We understand that every one of our nurses has a different journey to take in getting to work as a nurse in the USA, that’s why the Conexus team is on hand to guide each of our nurses through the entire Journey.

How long does the contract last?

You will be contracted to work through Conexus for 2.5 years (or 5000 hours), after which you’d be free to remain working and living in the U.S. as the EB-3 is a permanent residency visa. When your contract has come to an end, you will often have the opportunity to remain working directly for the healthcare facility where you have been, take a new contract through Conexus, or seek other employment opportunities in the U.S.

How will I get paid?

One of the major attractions for healthcare professionals either working abroad or as a USA travel nurse is the generous paycheck and benefits. 

Conexus believes in transparency when it comes to payment. When you apply for a role with us, you will be informed of the pay scale appropriate to your qualifications and experience and always in line with the prevailing wage, as well as any other benefits which the job may offer.

As part of our commitment to your professional integrity and long term career development, we always offer experience and qualification-appropriate salary advice.

For added peace of mind, we handle all your salary and benefits payments in-house, dealing with the administration and currency conversion, and can pay by direct deposit straight into your bank account. The means that you don't have to worry about getting paid on time when you are working abroad and can concentrate on enjoying your new life overseas.

Will I need to pay any fees to Conexus? 

At Conexus, we do not charge our nurses any fee for our sponsorship. All of our fees are covered by our hospital clients once we have placed the nurse with them in the USA. Please note however that in the event that a nurse should break their contract, they would then be responsible for the cost of Conexus' liquidated damages. The reason for this is that if a nurse failed to fulfill their agreed number of hours, our client would not reimburse our fee.

How much can I expect to earn while working through Conexus?

Conexus bases each nurse’s pay on the prevailing wage of the particular state that they are placed in. Depending on their location, nurses can expect to earn $20-$35 per hour. We have found that this is the fairest way of ensuring all of our nurses have the same level of disposable income after expenses such as rent and food in states where the cost of living is higher. The variation in wage is designed to be fair and to make sure that all of our nurses can afford a comfortable lifestyle while working through Conexus. 

What additional benefits are offered by Conexus?

In addition to covering the cost of your visa application, Conexus also offers educational support from Clinical Nurse Educators throughout your contract with us, as well as covering costs for the following:

Your mobilization flight to the U.S.

Up to 30 days of accommodation upon arriving in the U.S.

60% of your medical/dental insurance while you are working for Conexus

A $1,000 deployment bonus upon arriving in the U.S.

What is the EB-3 visa?

The EB-3 visa is essentially the best type of working visa that a skilled worker or professional can acquire for the USA. It allows a worker and their dependents to work in the USA. The EB-3 visa is a permanent residency visa and as such would enable a nurse to remain living and working in the USA even after their contract with Conexus had come to an end. 

Can I add my spouse/family member to my visa application?

The EB-3 visa allows an applicant to add their spouse and any dependents up to the age of 21 so that they are able to mobilize with them to the USA. Please note that although Conexus would cover the cost of the nurse’s visa application and mobilization flight, we would not cover any additional costs of adding their spouse or dependents. The candidate would be responsible for any additional costs on behalf of their family. On a side note, the EB-3 visa would also enable the holder’s spouse to work in the USA and any children that were born whilst in the US would automatically be given American citizenship.

How long will it take to process my visa application?

The amount of time that it will take to process your visa application is ultimately dependent on the movement of the “current” priority date for your particular nationality. “Current priority dates” are issued monthly via the visa bulletin board. Although we would need to wait for your priority date to become “current” in order to obtain your visa, we are still able to make predictions on the visa processing time based on our vast experience and also the feedback that we have received from our immigration specialists and US attorneys. See our visa section for the latest update on timings.

My license has expired/is inactive. Will this affect my application?

Although it is possible for your state license to expire, your results from the NCLEX exam do not. This means that as long as you have passed your NCLEX exam at some point, you will be able to endorse your license to another state without retaking the exam. If you have not worked in the US previously, you will need to endorse your license to a state which does not require a social security number in order for you to receive an active license. For this reason, the states that we are currently recommending candidates endorse their license to, if they do not currently have an active license, are either Michigan or West Virginia. Endorsing your license is something that we could assist you with once we had a contract in place, so an expired license is not something that would cause a hindrance to your application with Conexus.

How do I register to take the exam?

To register and for further details on the NCLEX exam, please contact us

Which state should I register for to take the NCLEX exam?

Depending on the certificates you already have, the states that we are currently recommending are Michigan or Texas. Unlike other states, none of these states require you to have a social security number in order to issue your active license. Please be aware that by taking the exam for either of these states, you would not be limiting your options in terms of placement. Once you arrive in the USA and gain an SSN, we can endorse your license to any other state, depending on where you are being placed. By taking the exam for West Virginia, Michigan or Texas, you would gain an active license for us to work with.

Michigan or Texas? 

The state of Michigan requires you to have a CGFNS certificate. If you have your CGFNS certificate, we would, therefore, recommend that you take the NCLEX-RN exam in one of these states.

If you do not have your CGFNS certificate, we would recommend that you take the NCLEX-RN exam through the Texas Board. Although the state of Texas will require you to gain a CES report from CGFNS, the CES is less expensive and would not involve any additional exams. For further information and how to apply for the CES please contact us

Where is my nearest test center?

Quite often it will be necessary for a candidate to travel abroad in order to take the exam. We understand that this can take a few months to arrange which is why we put the candidate’s application on hold at this stage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Is there a particular revision tool that Conexus would recommend in preparation for the exam?

There is a vast amount of revision material available for the NCLEX exam ranging from traditional textbooks to websites and apps. Since every candidate has a different learning style, there isn’t currently any particular source that we would recommend. We would encourage every candidate to find the revision tool that works best for them.

Do I need to pass the IELTS exam before I can apply with Conexus?

If you have taken your nursing education in the USA or the UK, there is no need for you to pass the IELTS exam. In other cases, although having valid IELTS results would strengthen your application, it is not a requirement needed in order for you to apply with Conexus. At the same time, it is important to be aware that you will need to pass the IELTS exam at some point in the process in order for us to obtain your visa screen. If you are successfully employed by Conexus and need to (re)take the IELTS exam, we would assist you with this by reimbursing you for the cost of the exam that you passed on your arrival to work for us in the US. 

Which version of the IELTS exam will I need to take and what score will I need?

You will need to take the “academic” as opposed to “general” version of the IELTS Exam. The minimum score needed in order to obtain your visa screen is “7” on the speaking section with an overall band score of “6.5”.  

How long are IELTS results valid?

Your IELTS exam will remain valid for two years. In the event that you have a valid visa screen however, you will not need to retake the IELTS exam unless your visa screen is also due to expire. A visa screen will remain valid for five years.    

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1: Note that for candidates who have not yet passed their NCLEX exam, this is the stage that your application will be put on hold until you have done so. During the time your application is on hold, we will stay in touch and provide any information that you may need in relation to the exam. As soon as you have passed the NCLEX, we will then be very happy to set up your second interview. If you are successfully employed by Conexus, we will reimburse the cost of the NCLEX exam that you pass, when you arrive to work for us in the US.