Conexus Medstaff is focused on delivering better ROI and retention of qualitu nursing talent

Conexus Medstaff - for Healthcare Industry Clients

Healthcare providers nationwide are turning to Conexus MedStaff for qualified international and US registered nurses. We’re a nurse recruitment partner to over 200 facilities in 30 states, offering services our clients rely on and full sponsorship that our nurses can count on. The Conexus team consists of expert recruiters, immigration specialists, and local support staff throughout the assignment.

For all healthcare facilities - hospitals, family offices, long-term care - we solve issues in your nurse recruitment efforts.

 Saving you at least 20% on bill rates.

Improving retention rates.

Providing a simple and straightforward pricing model.

Addressing Your Challenges

The Conexus Medstaff team knows the challenges today’s healthcare providers face. Budgets, quality of care, and quality of staff are just the beginning.

 Population Growth: The US population will rise to over 400 million people by 2050.

Aging Nurses: The median age of today’s nurses is 51.

Recruitment Struggles: There’s a reduced funnel of new domestic students taking up nursing as a career.

Nursing Shortage: Nearly a quarter of a million nurses are needed in the next decade.

Conexus’ supply of quality nurses ensures facilities and healthcare organizations improve the delivery of quality care at a cost-effective price. It’s part of our commitment to helping your organization get back to doing what it does best - provide quality patient care.

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More than just a Recruiter

Conexus Medstaff has sourced capable nursing talent for hospitals and long-term care facilities from across the globe since 2010. With offices across the country, as well as in the UK and the Philippines, we find experienced talent and eager graduates keen to deliver best practice care in the US.

What makes us unique in nursing recruitment is our commitment to helping overseas nurses meet American benchmarks in effective healthcare delivery.

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