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Richard’s Story: U.S. Nursing Ambitions Supported by Conexus

  • Publish Date: Posted 17 days ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

As an international healthcare staffing agency, Conexus has the privilege of working with talented registered nurses and medical technologists from around the world, all of whom have stories to share. One of our registered nurses, Richard, has big ambitions for his future in the U.S. In this article, he discusses his passion and inspiration for nursing, his plans for personal and professional growth in the United States, and his experience with Conexus.


Growing up in Ghana, Richard was inspired by his mother, Phidelia Akua Osei, who was an Environmental Health Officer. “She was my biggest motivation and influence in pursuing a career in nursing,” he explains. “I grew up seeing her educate the locals in our community on their health issues. She even took good care of her aged parents. I was motivated to render that same quality of care to her in her old age, by becoming a professional nurse.”

His mother’s inspiration has given Richard a deep understanding of what he believes a nurse should be. According to him, being a nurse means “putting yourself in the very place of the patient and their relations. It also means having an understanding heart and an ear to listen, showing compassion, patience, empathy, and rendering the best complete care to the people I look after.”

He believes that a great nurse is an intelligent individual who pays attention to detail, has excellent communication skills, empathizes with others, and has a great sense of humor and resilience.

One of the proudest moments of his career so far came from an elderly male patient he was looking after. “His intake and output were to be monitored closely on my shift. When I went over to bid him goodbye and tell him I was looking forward to seeing him the following day in good health, he smiled and said, ‘You have a kind and caring heart, son.’ Moments like these make me proud to be a nurse.”

Richard started his career journey with Conexus in 2022, with a place on our NCLEX Sponsorship Program. Within 12 months he received his NCLEX license. “The big congratulatory call from Miss Brittany (Conexus Team Lead Professional Exams) to say I’d passed my NCLEX exam was so fulfilling,” he said.

While he waits for his U.S. visa to be approved, Richard is working with our Education team to prepare for his future deployment to the United States. He is following a personalized education program designed to help him achieve his career ambitions.

One of his key reasons for moving to America is to pursue career progression opportunities, while allowing him to raise his children in the best schools and the financial security working in the U.S. offers. Richard is planning on earning a Master’s degree in nursing. He wants to “climb the ladder into a leadership position, where I can help mentor and train young and upcoming nurses in providing safe and excellent nursing care services to the people and communities we serve.”

He is confident that Conexus MedStaff can help him achieve his personal and professional U.S. goals. “My experience with Conexus since I first signed up has been amazing,” he said. “The guidance to submit the required documents for each stage of the process, getting you quality instructors and materials for you to be well prepared for the NCLEX-RN exams… it was just smooth and sweet. The Conexus team was close by my side, coaching me for facility interviews and helping me get a placement in the best facility that is a good fit for me. They’ve regularly checked up on me and offered motivation as well as educational materials, to keep me abreast of the excellent nursing practices in the United States.”

“I can confidently say that the entire process is designed with me in mind.”

Richard recommends that other healthcare professionals who are thinking of relocating to the U.S. consider working with Conexus MedStaff. He explains that “the entire process could be hectic and frustrating, but having an agency that has a great track record in the field makes it as seamless as possible. Conexus understands your needs and will be with you in each step of the journey. They’re there to help and putting you first is their priority.”

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