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Helping Family Settle
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Helping your family settle into life in the United States

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

Moving to a new country, especially with family, can be difficult. While we try to make everything as easy as possible for our healthcare professionals who move to the U.S., there are things you can do to make settling in easier for your loved ones and yourself. We’re going to share some top tips with you to get your new life as a healthcare professional in the United States off to a great start for you and your family.

Before your move

In the lead-up to your move, you and your family might be experiencing a wide range of emotions. There will be excitement, nervousness, stress, maybe even a hint of fear… these are all perfectly natural. Relocating to another country is a big step, but don’t worry – our team of experts are dedicated to helping Conexus healthcare professionals throughout this journey.

To help prepare, we recommend doing as much research as you can. Look online to learn more about your new neighborhood, take the time to find out about the local culture, and see if there are any clubs, events or communities that you feel would be a good fit for your family.

If you’re moving with a spouse, try finding ways for them to fit into the local community. Are there jobs they might be a good fit for, or perhaps a local team they would be a great addition to? Make any decisions as partners, so that you are both equally involved.

For families with children, it’s a good idea to get them involved, too. If you have older children, give them the opportunity to get to know where they’re moving by researching with them and getting them excited about what’s to come. Remember that they’re leaving behind friends, family, a school and life that they’ve likely grown up with as much as you are, so try to find something for them to be excited about in their new life.

Give yourselves something to look forward to. Take time as a family to plan your future in the U.S. Try making a bucket list of things you all want to do, so you’ve got something to work towards after you arrive.

After your move

A great way to get settled into a new life is to establish a routine, especially if it’s based on one you adhered to previously. A routine provides stability and familiarity during a time of big changes, which can help you and your family to feel grounded, especially if you move to the U.S. with children. Your routine doesn’t have to be complicated; try something as simple as watching the same TV show every evening as a family, or a games night every weekend.

Just because you’ve moved away from home doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with the family and friends you’ve left behind. Maintaining relationships with people at home can help to ease any feelings of homesickness. The great thing about communications today is that nearly everyone is just a quick video call away – so make good use of that!

It’s important to spend time with each other in your new home. Explore together, with the goal to discover at least one exciting new thing every time you venture out. Find places you all love, whether that’s a diner, entertainment venue, or sportsground. By creating new memories as a family, you’ll build a stronger positive connection with your new surroundings.

Try talking to other expatriates in your new home. The Conexus Community is full of healthcare professionals who have moved to the U.S., and many of them will have stories similar to your own. Take the time to speak with them and learn how they found ways to settle in. Your Conexus MedStaff Engagement Manager will be able to connect you with people like yourself, who have moved to the U.S. with their loved ones.

Read testimonials from international healthcare professionals like you.

And finally… be patient. The process of settling into a new life in a different country isn’t the same for everyone. Some members of your family may adjust more quickly than others. Give them the time they need, and be positive that it will all work out for the best.

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