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Reach Your Registered Nurse Career Goal: Plan on F1/OPT Visa Sponsorship

  • Publish Date: Posted 12 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

​As you gear up for your nursing school graduation, you’re ready to put your hard work into action. Soon, you will reach your dream of working as a registered nurse in the U.S. Now it’s time to focus on F1/OPT Visa Sponsorship to make the most of your career plans. You’ve already taken key steps like moving across the globe and pouring yourself into studies.

Count on Conexus MedStaff to give you the support you deserve as you turn dreams into reality. The good news is that we can give you reliable direction now before OPT starts. You don’t want to wait until graduation day to get started.

Getting that first job is challenging enough. But it helps to start with a sponsoring agency that always looks after your best interests. We will hire international nursing graduates on the F1 Visa with no experience. In addition to locating the right job for you, we offer personalized education and professional development as long as you’re with Conexus MedStaff.

We’re certain that you’re eager to complete the Green Card process that can span anywhere from 12 to 18 months. When we place you, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you start with a 5,000-hour contract. You can finish some of those hours during the OPT period. It’s essential that you understand the OPT process before and after you graduate.

The OPT application process has several steps that involve having the right documents like:

  • 2 identical copies of natural color passport photos taken within the last 30 days.

  • Copy of your new OPT I-20 that you received after the OPT application session with your ISS advisor.

  • Record of any prior CPT authorizations.

  • Copy of your most recent I-94.

  • Copy of your passport photo/information page showing the passport expiration date and your most recent U.S. visa.

  • Copy of your previous Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card if you’ve ever had one before.

Conexus offers the advice and support you need to get started in your U.S. nursing career. While we’re unable to complete OPT applications on your behalf, our experienced, in-house immigration team knows all aspects of the process. It’s this knowledge that enables us to educate students on all the latest developments regarding F1, OPT, and EAD.

Contact our team today with any questions or concerns by filling in the form linked below to find out about our nursing opportunities.

Apply today to begin your nursing career in the USA.