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Ripped From The Headlines: Saving The Planet, Texas Wages, And Identical Twins

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

Each month, the Conexus team brings you a selection of news stories from the US healthcare industry. Always informative, sometimes controversial and occasionally heartwarming, Ripped From The Headlines is the ideal coffee-break read for nurses and nursing students! 

Hospitals Race To Save Patients — And The Planet

The global health care industry is responsible for two gigatons of carbon dioxide each year, or 4.4 percent of worldwide net emissions — the equivalent of 514 coal-fired power plants. In fact, if the global health care sector was a country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. So, what’s being done about it? This eye-opening research from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) takes a deep dive into what academic medicine is doing to reduce healthcare’s carbon footprint. 

Boston Named Top US Hospital City

According to rankings by digital healthcare company Medbelle, Boston has the best hospitals in the US and second-best in the world (behind Tokyo). The rankings measured a series of metrics including medical workforce, education, quality of care, satisfaction, treatment efficacy, accessibility, and more. Boston has a number of highly regarded hospitals, including Massachusetts General, Brigham & Women's and Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center. Despite such rankings proving controversial due to a debate over how exactly to judge quality healthcare, it’s still worth a read. 

Here’s How Much A Nurse Is Getting Paid Per Hour By City In Texas

As you may know, Conexus places international nurses in both acute and long-term healthcare facilities in the state of Texas. And for a good reason! With the state’s major cities home to endless high-ranking hospitals, the need for quality nurses is always high. If you want to find out how much nurses earn in each Texas city, then you’ll be glad to know that city-specialist Nacrity has put in the leg work with this comprehensive list. 

And Finally…Identical Twin Nurses Help Deliver Identical Twin Girls At Georgia Hospital

We love a happy ending for Ripped From The Headlines, and this month is no exception. This story comes from a Georgia hospital where identical twin sisters working as nurses found themselves in the delivery room together for the first time, helping to deliver twin sisters! Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard welcomed Addison and Emma Williams to the world on September 25. In a statement, Drinkard said she didn’t realize she was going to be in the delivery room with her sister until 10 minutes before the C-section was scheduled to take place: “It was so special to be in the twins’ delivery with Tori. We have always worked well together, even when we were little.” 

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