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Ripped From The Headlines: Podcast Special

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

The Conexus team loves to bring you all of the latest news regarding nursing and healthcare in the US. However, we don’t just rely on headlines to gather intel. More and more, we’re plugging in our headphones to take advantage of the abundance of insightful podcasts available to download and listen to for free. That’s why we’re bringing our top recommendations for shows and episodes that you can get stuck into. 


There’s so much valuable information to be found in the NRSNG podcast series. The podcast aims to deliver insightful, current content to both nursing students and professionals. The host, Jon Haw, brings his nursing skills, insight, and support to help nurses on their journey. Episode subjects include NCLEX prep, nursing school struggles, scrub cheats, and coffee! 

Good Nurse Bad Nurse 

This lighthearted podcast details current happenings in the sector and topical issues nurses face in their professional and personal lives. Taking a ‘good cop bad cop’ format, one story tells an inspiring tale that touches the heart, while the other explores a more dark and mysterious area in nursing. Launching in May 2018, there’s an extensive library to revisit, including episodes on nursing frustrations, seasonal efforts against the flu, and stories from the fields of radiology, pharmacy science, ophthalmology, mental health, and workplace bullying. 

Nurse Talk Media 

Hosted by two smart, sassy, political RNs who sport a combined 65 years of service between them, Nurse Talk Media provides a backdrop on social-conscious nursing issues ranging from patient care, patient safety, drug shortages, and workplace safety. This engaging podcast asks nurses to personally decide how to better the profession in the US through awareness and education, springing from the ethos that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. 

Episode: How Can The US Healthcare System Use Digital To Tackle Problems? 

If you have a spare 30 minutes, we recommend this interesting Futures In Focus podcast episode featuring Eric Langshur, CEO at Abundant Venture Partners. Getting to a fundamental place where US healthcare isn’t just good but exceptional is a challenge, which, when solved, will affect us all. Langshur talks about the sort of data that will be incorporated into US healthcare management, and how US Millennials would rather have a broken phone than a broken bone (his words, not ours!). Have a listen to his views on the system now and the pathways to healthcare excellence in 10 years. 

What podcasts do you listen to? Share your healthcare and nursing podcast recommends with the Conexus team by emailing Stay tuned to our blog for more editions of Ripped From The Headlines or revisit the archive today.