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Become a US RN with Conexus Medstaff in rural America
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Falling in love with rural USA

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

There’s always something about rural USA that makes us fall in love with the nation more. Could it be the small town lifestyle with its big lack of stressful traffic jams or the quality of life rural living offers? Or is it because of the family-friendly community, where everyone knows your name and the access to the nation’s most beautiful nature spots?

We think it’s all of the above plus some! Rural America with its clean air, wide-open spaces and close-knit communities gets us every time – it’s a place where we finally feel we can really breathe.

However there’s more to rural USA than it’s slower pace of life, especially for international registered nurses. The shortage of nurses in the USA has hit rural locations harder than more urban settings. And yet, there’s something about these small hospitals and healthcare facilities set in rural America that make them mighty!

Practicing in rural communities is a rewarding opportunity with many unexpected benefits.

First name terms with your patients… and your colleagues

By the very nature of rural communities, you will be on first name terms with almost everyone you come into contact with whether it’s out in the community or in your place of work – and they will be on first term names with you. Over time you will get to know the families in your community better and in-turn your patients and their medical history. This established relationship really helps towards patient satisfaction, but it also makes you, as a nurse, feel more respected.

More autonomy

Registered Nurses in rural health care facilities have much more independence. Physician’s often rely on registered nurses more, giving you the opportunity to become an agent for change in your workplace.

Become an expert in everything

No one day is ever the same in nursing, but this is more so for registered nurses working in rural locations. On a day to day basis you can expect to practice in several areas as rural hospitals tend not to have their departments spread across the hospital building unlike more urban healthcare facilities. This means there will never be a boring day. On top of this you will become an expert across a number of different fields thanks to your exposure to many different illnesses.

Giving back to your community

Working as a registered nurse in a rural hospital is greatly rewarding and gives you a great sense of pride. You will be providing a much needed service in an underserved area, and in practicing you will be giving back to your community and the people who need the care most.

To find out more about our international registered nurse and F1/OPT opportunities in some of America's more rural states, apply with us today.