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Luvim’s talented son, Andrew, managed to beat thousands of other applicants with his design. So good was his design that it now will represent the state of Wyoming in the national competition!
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USA Proves to be the "Land of Opportunity" for International RN’s Son!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

For any international RN who dreams of working in the US, making that final decision to leave the comfort of the home, and the support of friends is never going to be easy. This decision can be no more difficult than for those nurses who are also mothers. After all, it would mean relocating their family to begin brand new lives in the US.

When Luvim, a Medical/Surgical Nurse from the Philippines, applied through Coneuxs Medstaff to work in the US on an EB-3 (permanent residency) visa, she had the same hopes and dreams as any mother. Namely, to create a life that is filled with happiness and opportunities for her family. Now, two years after beginning her contract with Conexus MedStaff, Luvim has managed to establish a successful nursing career in the US, and her children are also going on to achieve phenomenal successes in the US!

Andrew's award-winning Doodle4Google design

After recently entering the national “Doodle4Google” competition, Luvim’s talented son, Andrew, managed to beat thousands of other applicants with his design. So good was his design that it now will represent the state of Wyoming in the national competition!

The competition is now down to the designs that have been chosen to represent each state. If Andrew’s design goes on to win the competition, he will win an array of prizes, including;

  • His doodle featured on the U.S. homepage for one day.

  • A $30,000 college scholarship.

  • A $50,000 Google for Education Technology Award for their school or non-profit organization.

  • A trip to Google Headquarters in California.

  • A Chromebook.

  • An Android tablet.

Here’s what Andrew had to say:

“Doodle4Google is a contest for school children, encouraging them to put their thoughts and ideas into drawings or doodles about many topics. My art teacher, Mrs Thomas, encouraged me to send an entry because she thought that I will be able to make it. I did not know what to say when my school and Google representatives told me I won and will represent the state in the nationals. My jaw dropped to the floor.

“Winning this contest will mean a lot to me because if I win the scholarship that will mean that my parents will not work so hard anymore to put me to college and to be able to win a prize for my school will mean that my schoolmates will learn better because of the computers and other tech stuff that will be awarded.”

Here’s what proud mother Luvim had to say:   

“As I parent, I was very ecstatic when Google called in to tell me that Andrew's entry for the contest was chosen among the multitude of entries all over the state of Wyoming.

I ask for everyone's support by voting for his doodle because as parents we all want the best for our children. He has always wanted to draw. Winning this contest will not only fulfil a young boy’s dream of winning a prestigious contest but this will support his education and most importantly his school. Andrew deserves to win because he is a very good boy. As simple as that.”

Thoughts about relcation

Whilst catching up with Luvim and Andrew, Conexus MedStaff also wanted to check on how life for them is going in the USA. We asked whether they had any advice for those who are considering following in their footsteps.

Here are some of Luvim’s thoughts:

“I believe that our biggest achievement since we arrived is that we were able to prove to ourselves that we can make it work and we are still making things succeed. As for my children, we are blessed that Wyoming has a wonderful school system where they are having a good time learning. And this opportunity for Andrew to join Google, it's been amazing.

My contract with Conexus is almost coming to an end and my relationship with the agency has always been nice. Liza Perolina, Cynthia and Tom helped us all the way. My family and I will always be grateful for their help.

My advice to any family wishing to move in the US is to come here with an open mind. Leaving the comfort of home (the Philippines) is a challenge. We came here with the thought that it's going to be an adventure. It's not easy but if we remain hopeful and faithful that everything will be better, moving is a good decision.”

Andrew told us this:

“I was excited when I learned we were coming to the US. My friends back home were happy for me, too. But at first I thought my family and I were coming just for a vacation only to find out we were staying for good. That meant leaving my friends and my school. I love Benguet State University. But I am also happy with my new school, Riverton Middle School. They have a lot of programs. I love Art Class, I don't like PE.

“My parents try to make it a point for us to travel regularly. There's a lot of things to see in America and my parents want us to explore more. I hope to be able to go to college and be an animator.”

As Luvim’s visa sponsor and employer, Conexus MedStaff could not be prouder of the achievements that Luvim and her family have experienced since moving to the USA. We think that that their story is a true inspiration to any RN who is considering following their dream career in the US with their family by their side.

A huge congratulations and good luck to Andrew for the next stage of the competition!

Want to follow in Luvim and Andrew’s footsteps?

​To find out how your family can follow in Luvim & Andrew’s footsteps, contact Conexus MedStaff today!