Due to population growth resulting in a growing need for health care services, a diminished pipeline of new students in nursing, and an aging nursing workforce, the U.S. is facing a very serious nursing shortage. There are at least 400,000 fewer nursesavailable to provide care than is needed.

This comes at a time when the need for patient care is higher, care is more complex and demand for service often exceeds capacity. At the same time, allied health fields are expecting to see a large increase in the number of available positions in the coming years. This again is due to the growth in the American population and with that the healthcare needs of its citizens. The medical technologist field is expected to grow by 30% in the coming years and with a projected 60,000 new Physical Therapist jobs to open up in the U.S. within the next decade, it’s clear to see that there is a serious need for skilled healthcare professionals in the U.S.

Conexus MedStaff advocates the employment of internationally trained nurse, as well as other healthcare workers in the U.S., to overcome the growing healthcare needs of the United States and to provide a solution to the critical nursing shortage in the U.S. We believe that the employment of international nurses in the U.S. can alleviate the current day stresses U.S. hospitals and long term care facilities face as they strive to uphold patient care.

We believe that hiring internationally trained nurses goes much further than resolving the nursing shortage in the USA. The benefits of hiring international nurses are numerous.

Bringing diversity into your nursing workforce

In a survey conducted by Glassdoor, two-thirds of people consider diversity important in the workplace. The same survey also found that diversity was known to produce an increase in productivity in the professional environment. From our countless years of experience working with international healthcare workers, Conexus believes that diversity plays a key role in a healthcare setting.

Diversity in healthcare is important, as it has a direct impact on care delivery. International healthcare workers are able to represent various populations. Foreign nurses bring with them an understanding of diverse backgrounds and cultures. This is advantageous, as it allows better patient-centered care for multicultural patients and for patients in general.

A cost-effective nursing workforce solution

Conexus offers a reliable and highly educated workforce of international nurses and healthcare workers, providing a cost-effective alternative to short terms staffing solutions like travel nurses or locum assignments. Conexus MedStaff estimates that our clients can save up to $30 per hour more by using International nurses compared to using travel nurses to fulfill recruitment needs.

Beyond this, staffing turnover and nurses leaving the workforce have become a significant problem for hospitals today. Not only does this contribute to the nursing shortage, but it also brings with it economic and financial issues that can have an impact on a hospital's profit margin. According to the 2016 National Healthcare Retention and RN Staffing Report, the average cost of turnover for a nurse ranges from $37,700 to $58,400. Hospitals can lose $5.2 million to $8.1 million annually. Our international nurses travel to the USA with realistic expectations and are ready to work full-time in hospitals and long-term care facilities, in larger towns or hard-to-staff rural locations.

The Conexus model of matching our international nurses to facilities and units that they are passionate about, helps them perform at the highest level and contribute to their happiness and promote a positive work ethic. The stability of our international workforce brings with it a much lower turnover risk than other traditional workforces.

Full-Cycle Nursing Support

Conexus MedStaff consists of a team of qualified staff with a combined experience working in the international healthcare recruitment industry, the legal and Immigration sectors, as well as clinically trained staff who have worked in health organizations across the world, including the NHS. This combined experience, along with adhering to The Joint Commission standards, makes us experts at what we do.

We handle the recruitment process, visa application, and emigration journey of all of our candidates, from day one, meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing.  We pay for all related costs upfront, and our healthcare candidates will only become chargeable upon the commencement of their assignment – on top of this, there is no transfer fee upon completion of our candidate’s 5,000-hour contract with you.

Using a state of the art, and award-winning immigration case management system, LawLogix, our Immigration team can guarantee an efficient immigration process for all of our candidates meaning we can ensure our international healthcare professionals are ready to start work when you need them. Our bespoke training program prepares our candidates for their first assignment in the U.S., ensuring that their transition runs as smoothly as possible. Using the Conexus MedStaff Model, we match our candidates – professionally and personally - to their new community in the United States, as well as ensuring that we only place our candidates in hospitals, labs or units where they will perform to their best of their abilities. And unlike a Vendor Management System (VMS), the Conexus MedStaff team is embedded in local communities to understand what’s important to clients as well as candidates.

Conexus MedStaff can provide your healthcare organization with international RNs and medical technologists trained outside of the U.S. Additionally, we can match international students who have recently graduated from American universities, adding new talent for the long-term into your workforce.

We offer flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that reduce the risk for your business. Get in touch to find out more about our long-term staffing solutions.

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