There are a number of staffing challenges facing long-term care in the U.S. - a primary one being that there is greater need to meet the growing population of older adults.

Research confirms that the need for paid care providers will only continue to increase over the years, leading to higher demand of healthcare services and staffing needs at long-term care facilities. Paired with high turnover rates in home care, hospice and residential care environments, staffing shortages remain a key obstacle.

Benefits of partnering with Conexus:

  • Diversification of your nursing workforce

  • Increased nurse retention rates

  • Cost efficiencies, including decreased turnover among healthcare staff

  • Full-service support of Conexus nurses, including free supplemental clinical education to support your staffing needs

  • Comprehensive and dedicated support team made up of recruiters, immigration, RNs, onboarding and nurse educators to implement the program

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More than a healthcare recruitment agency

Conexus MedStaff can help by providing talented international nurses as a long-term staffing solution. Whether connecting you with a U.S.-educated international nurse looking for their first role or an experienced nurse planning their move to the U.S. for more opportunity, these high-quality candidates would likely be otherwise inaccessible. Depending on your organization's needs, Conexus has scalable solutions from placing a few nurses at a single location to working with your team to staff multiple facilities across a state, region or throughout the country.

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