If you're a foreign-trained registered nurse or you're working toward certification as an RN, then you'll be happy to hear we're hiring foreign nurses in the USA. That's right. Many American healthcare organizations are looking for qualified international talent. And it's not just due to staffing shortages. There are plenty of reasons why long-term care facilities and hospitals want experienced nurses like you.

One reason you're in high demand is that international nurses have been shown to improve the quality of life for people in underserved areas. In fact, in a recent case study, we found that international nurses we placed at a rural Kentucky/West Virginia healthcare provider actually improved quality of life for their patients.

Another reason American facilities want foreign-trained RNs is to promote diversity in a steadily diversifying workforce. A study by Pew Research actually found that by 2050, only 47% of the U.S. population will be white non-Hispanic. In the healthcare field, immigrants are already overrepresented in comparison to their total population in the U.S. 3 million immigrants already account for a quarter of those working in long-term care facilities, while they only make up 13.7% of the U.S. population! And the percentage is going to keep growing.

While opportunities for hiring foreign nurses in the USA are abundant, the process can be overwhelming if it's done without the help of an international nurse recruiting agency. Going it alone means:

  • Completing the screening process to obtain a Green Card.

  • Meeting educational and professional requirements such as graduating from an accredited program or being a licensed RN in another country.

  • Demonstrating language proficiency. Some candidates have to pass an English language proficiency exam.

  • Passing the State Board of Nursing evaluation of your academic and professional credentials.

  • Passing the NCLEX-RN exam for certification.

Once all of those steps are completed, you can start looking for a Registered Nurse position at a healthcare institution. The process can be time-consuming and draining for anyone. Many international nurses who try to do it on their own either give up, or the process takes much longer than it should.

That's why an international registered nurse recruiting agency like Conexus MedStaff is so valuable. We provide end-to-end recruitment services, and we don't abandon our candidates.

From the very start, we remove the hassle of the visa and immigration process. In fact, after you've passed our application, our in-house immigration team takes care of the visa application for you, at no cost. You then get a personal Case Manager assigned to you, so you have access to guidance whenever you need it. We even sponsor you to help turn your temporary work visa into a permanent visa. That way you can continue to realize your American dream after your assignment with Conexus MedStaff.

Our services don't end with obtaining your visa. We also help you get your nursing license, whether you have your NCLEX-RN certification or not. If you haven't passed the exam, we offer study materials to help you tackle it. Also, our International Nurse Professional Pathway (INPP) program is designed to help you transition your role as a U.S. registered nurse. The program helps set you up for success by familiarizing you with practices specific to U.S. healthcare.

When it comes to placing our nurses, we deploy candidates 5 times faster than other agencies. And we don't assign you to various locations. We give you one location, so you never have to worry about commuting long distances or jumping from facility to facility.

Our nurses truly love the Conexus MedStaff experience. They love that our process is transparent and that we support our nurses from day one to help them achieve their American dream.

If you're a foreign-trained registered nurse interested in starting a U.S. nursing career, start by filling out our online application. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat function on our website. We're excited to help you fulfill your dreams of working as a registered nurse in the USA.

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