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International Nurse Job Resources

​Why should I consider a U.S. nursing assignment?

Healthcare facilities in the United States are experiencing a shortage of nurses. And so, they are offering signing bonuses and very attractive compensation packages as well as career advancement opportunities to registered nurses. When you work with our recruitment agency, we help you get ready for a solid U.S. nursing assignment.

How do I know that I’m qualified?

You need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Nursing Diploma equivalent to an Associate Degree in the U.S.

Why do I need a recruiting firm to find a nursing assignment?

When you turn to Conexus MedStaff, we help you find nursing jobs, sponsor your green card, assist with licensing, and handle the frustrating paperwork.

How do I choose a placement firm?

Selecting the right international nurse recruiting agency can be difficult. We’re committed to helping you to achieve success in your career and your life for more than just the period of assignment. Look for ongoing support as you acclimate to your new life in the United States.

How does Conexus help international nurses?

We match you with a hospital and offer advice on interviews.  And that’s just for job placement. We help with logistics of relocation as well as credentialing and licensure processes. Our services include a full international benefits package:

Green Card sponsorship

Licensure reimbursement

Up to 30 days free accommodation in the U.S.

Orientation pay

Transportation to the U.S.

What kind of placements will I get?

We help you find the right nursing position for your experience. That way you can have the career-defining involvement that you are seeking. We offer a variety of nursing specialties to match your interests and skill set including:

Behavioral Health

Cath Lab

Critical Care

Emergency Room (ER)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Medical Surgery

Operating Room (OR)

Psychiatric & Behavioral Health



Can I choose my location?

Tell us what you’re looking for! Do you want an urban or rural setting? Are you looking for a small community hospital or a large acute-care facility? Do you want East, Midwest, or a specific state? Will you bring a family? All of these may affect your choice of location. We can help meet that goal with assignments that suit long-term career goals.

How long does it take for placement?

That will depend on your situation. We deploy our nurses to their positions 5 times faster than other nurse recruitment agencies. And that’s not the end of our relationship. We provide services even after our nurses’ assignments with us end.

How long do I stay in one location?

We are not a travel-nursing agency. We find you a single-location assignment and support you with continuing education resources that can shape your career.

What kind of training is available?

We provde relevant, quality and personalized training based on your needs and provide access to continuing education resources to keep you current on advancements in the healthcare field.

What pay and benefits do I get?

We offer competitive wages and overtime pay as well as benefits. Those who are placed by us are eligible for referral bonuses and bonuses for passing the National Council Licensure Examination. Overall, our compensation package includes:

Competitive wages with overtime paid at 1.5-times base salary

401K with employer match

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

Malpractice insurance

Continuing education for professional development learning for the entirety of your time with Conexus

Plus personalized support for your entire employment, and an entire Conexus community of other international heatlhcare professionals

What barriers are there to working and living in the United States?

We help you manage the complicated immigration and licensing paperwork. We also provide services for travel planning, securing accommodations, and overcoming language barriers.

How do I move to the United States?

We know that moving to a new country and starting a new job is challenging. We minimize the burden so you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients and starting your life in America.  One of our friendly operations managers will welcome and escort you to your new accommodations. We will also help you find essentials such as local grocery stores, banks, and even schools if you have children.

What do I pay?

You pay Conexus MedStaff no fees. Our agency does not ask for fees or upfront costs or take any money from paychecks once nurses are working. This is part of our promise and commitment to international nurses and nursing students.

​Learn why it makes sense to get nursing jobs in the USA through Conexus MedStaff. As a recruiting agency, we work closely with international nurses at every step of their journey while helping them build their careers.