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Conexus Success Story
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Primadel’s Story: Making an American Dream Come True

  • Publish Date: Posted 23 days ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

International registered nurses and medical technologists from around the world have chosen Conexus to help them start an exciting new career in the United States. Primadel, originally from the Philippines, was living in the UAE when she applied to Conexus. She is now based in Tennessee with her family, and is working towards her goal of being a more successful nurse in the U.S., with her own house and her family. This is Primadel’s Conexus story.

USA nurse green card success story

No stranger to living away from her home country, Primadel and her family were in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, for 13 years before moving to the U.S. with Conexus. Why swap the UAE for the United States? Primadel was excited to live in and explore the country, which she says is “known to be the ‘land of milk and honey’.” She was excited about making her American dream come true and becoming a U.S. citizen.


Primadel had an instinct that Conexus could help her realize her U.S. ambitions, which is why she chose to make the move with us. “I find Conexus trustworthy, accommodating, friendly,” she explained. “I feel so blessed and grateful with Conexus, they have always been so supportive and have guided me and my family all throughout the process, from the time I passed my interview, to filing the I-140, to when we arrived. Conexus made sure that we are situated, safe, and that they are there if we need anything. We’re in good hands.”


Although she had mixed emotions when she moved to the United States with her family, Primadel felt more excited than anything else – especially when she arrived. “I felt delighted, excited, anxious and fulfilled,” she said. Her new community in Tennessee was warm and accommodating, and she found people from her home country there which made settling in easier. “We have Filipino family neighbors and kids, too. Knowing that makes us feel more welcomed and at ease, though all our neighbors are kind and supportive.”


With a clear passion for nursing, Primadel states that her career has leveled up and that she’s grown professionally and personally since starting her new life in the U.S. She’s inspired to help people, see people be cured and treated from sickness. “Making a difference in people’s lives is such a great feeling,” she said.


Settling into her new healthcare facility in Tennessee was a positive experience for Primadel. She is “thankful because my new workplace is very supportive and friendly,” and claims that the things she enjoys most there are the nice colleagues she works with, and meeting people of different nationalities and from a variety of cultures.


While her own settling-in experience was a good one, she does admit that it was difficult moving with her husband and son. “It was a big adjustment for them. Moving to a new country is not easy. But we are not starting from scratch, we are starting from our own experience. As long as we are together, we have faith in God, we know that we will get through tough times and everything will fall into its right place.”


They’re hoping to start ticking off more bucket list U.S. destinations – including Las Vegas, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the White House, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and more.


The advice Primadel would offer to her fellow healthcare professionals considering moving to the U.S. is to be patient. “Just be patient. God’s timing is always the right timing. If it is for you, work hard for it, pray, and it will come true.”


As she continues to live the U.S. life she hoped for, Primadel’s closing words are: “Thank you Conexus for the unending support and assistance, and helping us make our American dream turn into a reality.”

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