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Preparing For Graduation
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Preparing for Graduation: What Every International Nursing Student Should Know

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

Embarking on the journey towards graduation as an international nursing student in the United States comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. To ensure a smooth transition from student to professional, it's crucial to focus on three main aspects: securing Green Card sponsorship, optimizing your Optional Practical Training (OPT) placement, and setting yourself up for success post-graduation– all things that Conexus MedStaff is an expert in.

Secure Green Card sponsorship early

One of the foremost considerations for international nursing graduates is to secure Green Card sponsorship as early as possible. Transitioning from an F1 student visa to a U.S. permanent residency EB-3 Green Card can be a complex process, and initiating the sponsorship process well in advance is key. Seek guidance from your academic advisors, explore potential employers willing to sponsor – such as Conexus, and ensure that your paperwork is in order. A proactive approach increases the likelihood of a successful adjustment of status and provides a stable foundation for your future nursing career in the U.S.

Optimize OPT placement

The Optional Practical Training (OPT) period is a valuable opportunity for international graduates to gain hands-on experience in the U.S. job market. To make the most of this time, secure your OPT placement as early as possible. Actively engage with your school's career services, attend job fairs, and network with potential employers. As a top choice for international nursing students looking to continue their career as a registered nurse working in the U.S., Conexus can help with finding the ideal OPT placement for you. By securing a position early, you maximize the utilization of your entire OPT period, ensuring a smooth transition from student to professional.

Setting yourself up for success post-graduation

Beyond Green Card sponsorship and OPT placement, success post-graduation hinges on meticulous preparation. Ensure that all required documents are submitted, maintain a legal visa status, and be well-prepared for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). A timely and successful NCLEX examination is vital for obtaining your nursing license and OPT Employment Authorization Document (EAD), paving the way for immediate entry into the workforce. Conexus offers a comprehensive NCLEX licensing program, designed to prepare you for examination success. 

Partner with Conexus MedStaff

Conexus MedStaff offers full Green Card visa sponsorship and OPT placement for international nursing graduates on the F1 visa. Beyond sponsorship, our commitment extends to continuous learning and growth through our award-winning Conexus Academy. If you're a final-year nursing student or recent graduate, seize the opportunity to join our community and work at top U.S. hospitals. Apply now to take the next step in your career journey with Conexus.