Visa information

We keep our candidates fully updated with all details of visa and immigration applications. As part of our service, Conexus MedStaff advises, processes and pays for their immigration visa. That means we can offer candidates with more time to focus on the service they can offer you.

How does it work?

When a candidate successfully passes our application process, our expert in-house immigration team (led by our own Veronica Sanchez) takes over the complete application for no fee. That relieves your candidate of another worry about unnecessary, frivolous costs to emigrate.

Our Immigration team uses state-of-the-art, award-winning Case Management system, LawLogix, which allows us to track each of our candidates' immigration cases at the click of a button. LawLogix also allows our candidates to check their own status, too.

Our team makes itself available to candidates around the clock. Centrally, we offer full support for international healthcare professionals through the visa and immigration process. From day one, the candidate is appointed a personal Immigration Support Officer, qualified to advise exactly what the candidate will need to provide. The officer is dedicated to keeping the candidate updated and informed on each step of the application through every step of the way, from preparation to execution of the official Embassy interview.

We will even work with candidates to ensure they have an active license for arrival in the US, ensuring there are no delays in their start.

What Candidates Are Saying

As you'll see, our candidates appreciate our efforts to keep them refreshed and ready for the assignment:

'Just trust the process and persevere.'

'After I signed the contract, they kept on updating me with the process and were able to answer my queries all the time.'

"The whole Conexus team were there to support me from step 1.'

Visa Assistance

Regardless of immigration status, Conexus MedStaff will find a visa that aligns with the candidate. We've helped nurses with every conceivable visa: the EB-3, the EB-2 or even the TN? Even temporary US visas in like the F1, OPT, J1 or other visas eligible for Adjustment of Status (AOS). On your behalf, we'll get that ideal candidate a more permanent visa to give you quality personnel worth retaining.