NCLEX Trainer

Job Description

Conexus MedStaff (Conexus) is a recruitment company focused on providing International Healthcare Professionals to the United States. As part of this, Conexus specializes in recruiting candidates that will go onto be sponsored by Conexus to obtain their green card permanent residency visa for the United States. Presently 95% of the candidates that Conexus are providing to the United States are experienced degree qualified Registered Nurses. Each candidate will then be placed by Conexus into a hospital in the United States and will be supported on assignment by Conexus during their first assignment in America which typically lasts for 2.5 years.


Conexus has offices located in Houston, TX (back office that includes overall Recruitment and Immigration Management), Lexington, KY & Charlotte, NC (overall Operations Management) in the United States as well as offices in the Philippines (Asia Recruitment and USA Immigration support) and the United Kingdom (overall Recruitment coordination and Company Marketing) that help provide a full recruitment, immigration and operational support service to successful candidates.


Currently Conexus has access to over 90 hospitals that are located in more than 20 States across America and this number is growing. Through these client contracts Conexus has a significant demand for Registered Nurses in the United States and with an aging population and with a third of the Registered Nurse labour force in America due to retire over the next 5 years this demand shows no sign of slowing down.


NCLEX Requirement:


Over the last couple of years Conexus has worked hard to grow its own and partner recruitment in various locations around the world with the aim of increasing the number of Registered Nurses that Conexus has in its immigration pipeline to meet the client demand in the United States. Presently we have a target of doing approximately 300 visa applications per year. A key to the EB-3 or green card immigration process for International Registered Nurses is that they need to have passed the NCLEX exam which is an exam that is required to be completed by every Registered Nurse wanting to work as a nurse in the United States. One of the issues with this is that there are only a limited number of testing centers around the world outside of the United States. To be successful in passing this exam, candidates do need to ensure that they prepare for the exam. Whilst Conexus is receiving a reasonable number of candidates from its recruitment efforts & recruitment partners that have passed the NCLEX exam we have recognized that as a company if we want to fulfill our growth potential we need to offer an in house service that will help our candidates pass the NCLEX exam. As a result of this we are looking to hire an NCLEX trainer.


Job Description:


Conexus presently has an excellent opportunity for an NCLEX trainer to join its UK based team. Once onboard the first task as part of setting up the NCLEX training platform with Conexus will be to develop a pre-diagnostic examination that will test each candidate’s clinical knowledge and assess their probability for being able to move forward and pass the NCLEX exam. The successful candidate should use their clinical knowledge to determine which questions to use from a bank of NCLEX questions provided by NCSBN. The pre-diagnostic exam should highlight the strengths and weaknesses that the candidate has and conclude the areas that they need to work on through training to pass the NCLEX exam. The successful candidate will work with Conexus’ Senior Management to review online test platforms to determine which option will work best for the pre-diagnostic examination.


Once the pre-diagnostic examination has been setup the successful candidate will then need to turn their attention to writing training material that will be used to train each candidate through passing the NCLEX exam. The successful candidate will have use of various other NCLEX review guides and online courses to assist with writing the best course content. This material will then be used by the NCLEX Trainer to conduct online training sessions with Conexus candidates and the material will also be used to create a takeaway learning tool that can be used by candidates outside of the training environment. The plan is that the training material will be put into an e-booklet or app format to enhance the studying experience and assist each candidate with passing the NCLEX exam.


Whilst the majority of training will be done from the UK office using the online training platform, there will be a need for the successful candidate to periodically travel overseas to conduct face to face training sessions and visit with the overseas offices. Overseas travel will likely be contained to the Middle East & Asia.


The successful candidate would become an integral part of the Conexus team and will significantly help in nurturing each candidate through the NCLEX process and making each candidate’s dream of moving to the United States become a reality. This is a great opportunity to make a difference.


The successful candidate will need to be a Registered Nurse and ideally would have passed the NCLEX. The successful candidate should have training experience and ideally would have used online teaching platforms. The successful candidate should also have experience in writing course material to be used with training.


This is a great opportunity for a Registered Nurse looking to move out of a hospital environment and work more regular Monday to Friday office hours.


Core Skills Required:


Applicants should demonstrate:


  • BSN or associates degree in nursing
  • Strong training and motivational skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to commence new area within business and lead
  • Ability to write training and process documents


Preferred Skills:


  • Online training




Base salary is competitive. In addition to base salary successful candidate will be eligible to take part in company bonus scheme