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Preparing For OPT as an international nursing student on an F-1 visa in the USA
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Preparing for OPT as an F1 nursing student in the U.S.

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

As an international nursing student on the verge of graduating in the United States, the prospect of Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows for valuable professional experiences. OPT provide F1 visa holders the chance to work in their field of study for up to 12 months. To ensure a seamless transition from student to professional, it's crucial to understand the eligibility criteria, application process, and key responsibilities associated with OPT.


Eligibility: a foundation for OPT success

To qualify for OPT, international nursing graduates must meet specific eligibility criteria, including enrolment a U.S. institution for at least one academic year in F1 status. This requirement ensures that future U.S. nurses have a solid academic foundation and a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. healthcare system. Additionally, maintaining good academic standing is crucial, as OPT is designed for students who excel in their studies and are ready to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.


Application timelines: strategic planning for OPT success

Timing is everything when it comes to OPT applications. F1 students can apply for OPT up to 90 days before their program end date and up to 60 days after their program end date. This limited application window underscores the importance of strategic planning. By initiating the process well in advance, there is increased likelihood of a smooth transition from student to professional. Remember, the application timeline is a critical aspect of OPT success.


Application process: collaborating with experts

The OPT application process involves collaboration with university Designated School Officials (DSO), which are assigned to each international student. Work closely with them to complete Form I-765, the Application for Employment Authorization. Pay the required filing fee, and submit the application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) along with supporting documents. Your DSO is a valuable resource throughout this process, providing guidance and ensuring that your application is accurate and complete.

Alternatively, international nursing students can work with a partner such as Conexus MedStaff. Our expert teams are well-versed in helping F1 students to pursue a nursing career in the U.S., and will file all immigration documentation on your behalf. We can provide help and guidance at every step of the way to ensure that you start the next phase of your career journey on the right foot.


Waiting period: patience rewarded with professional growth

After submitting the OPT application, a waiting period ensues while USCIS processes Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Once approved, you are ready to embark on your professional journey. This waiting period may require patience, but the potential for growth and development in your chosen field makes it well worth it.


Reporting responsibilities: a commitment to compliance

While on OPT, maintaining compliance with reporting responsibilities is crucial. Any changes to employment status, address, or name must be reported to your assigned DSO within 10 days of the change. This commitment to communication ensures that you continue to meet the requirements of your OPT and foster a positive relationship with your academic institution.


Navigating OPT as an international nursing graduate requires careful planning, collaboration, and a commitment to compliance. By understanding the eligibility criteria, application timelines, and reporting responsibilities, you can make the most of your OPT experience, seamlessly transitioning from student to professional and contributing to the ever-evolving field of healthcare in the United States. By choosing to work with an expert such as Conexus MedStaff, you can set yourself on the path to success as a nurse in the U.S., by working in an exciting new role with the support of our Conexus community.


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