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We Are Healthcare: Hospital Impact on their Communities

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Cathy Vollmer

​This Hospital Week, we want to thank and celebrate everyone who works at outstanding healthcare facilities across the U.S. and acknowledge their impact on the communities they serve.

Hospitals are most often seen for the immediate care provided to individuals who are sick or needing emergency care. We rely on these institutions to provide the quality care that we need when we are often at our weakest or in most need. But these healthcare facilities provide even more to us and our communities.

We and our communities rely on the wide range of critical health care services that only hospitals and health systems can provide, including 24/7 emergency and other higher-acuity care, as well as inpatient and outpatient services. Hospitals also work with their community partners to develop, manage, and deliver programs that are required for that community to help advance health and wellness.

“Hospitals are often epicenters of their communities. In addition to the role they play in providing clinical care for the ill and supporting population health efforts, many hospitals have a mission that includes caring for all members of the community, especially those in need.” -National Medical Library

In many communities, hospitals are one of the largest employers. Hospitals employ people working not only in patient care, but in hospitality, environmental roles, IT support positions, administration, and so much more. Hospitals support many local charities and non-profits throughout their community financially, with sponsored events, and even support by hospital personnel.

Hospitals are involved with their community as it relates to nutrition. They screen patients for food insecurity. They educate their patients about available federal nutrition programs. They provide free food or healthy snacks at clinics and often provide the meals on wheels programs in the community. Hospitals promote existing community resources, such as food trucks, food shelters, etc.

Hospitals provide even more services that may include education and mental health services, Hospitals provide peace of mind to those in the community, that they have a place near them, that they are familiar with, and can get the resources that they need, when they need them.

Hospitals provide value to our community and are vital to us and those around us.

We want to thank all hospital employees across the United States for your service to our communities and the difference you make each day.