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Conexus RN Awarded EARN Scholarship for Continued Education

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

​Mia Nfissi, a Conexus RN from Morroco, recently received Conexus MedStaff’s Education Advancement for Registered Nurses (EARN) Scholarship. The scholarship, awarded biannually to eligible Conexus nurses, allows dedicated healthcare professionals to advance their clinical knowledge, skills, or education to further enhance the level and service of care provided to the healthcare community.

Mia has worked in several settings, including the Emergency Room, Nursing Home / Rehabilitation and Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, and appreciates the time spent in each focus area as it has provided different nursing perspectives. Currently, she is enrolled in a Family Nurse Practitioner program where she is working towards her Master’s in Science of Nursing.

Mia says that receiving this scholarship has helped her realize her dream of graduating with an advanced degree in nursing that will broaden her scope and expertise, while being able to offer higher levels of care to her patients.

“I live in a small, rural town,” Mia said. I often volunteer in local health fairs to offer services to underserved communities, including children and the elderly. My goal is to obtain my Nurse Practitioner License to be able to participate more and help the wellbeing of my community.”

Mia’s drive and dedication algins with Conexus MedStaff’s vision of being ‘one team, passionately improving the wellbeing of communities, one healthcare professional at a time.’

“[Being awarded the EARN Scholarship] reemphasizes the image of Conexus as a caring and helpful company that supports its employees in achieving their goals, which impacts the health of local communities where quality healthcare is not available for everyone,” Mia said.

We are proud to have Mia on our team and cannot wait to see what she achieves as she continues her time with Conexus and beyond. The next EARN Scholarship award will take place in Spring 2023. Eligible Conexus healthcare professionals are encouraged to apply here.

If you are an international nurse, an international nursing student on the F1 Visa, or medical technologist looking for opportunities to advance your career in the U.S., submit an application today.