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U.S. Nursing Graduate from Vietnam Excels as Charge Nurse

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Conexus MedStaff

​One step toward your dreams can change everything and lead to the life you always imagined as a registered nurse in the USA. Abbie, a Conexus MedStaff nurse from Vietnam, took that first step when she began studying nursing on the F1 Visa at Seattle Central College.

Like many international nursing students graduating from a program in the U.S. who want to stay in America, Abbie needed to find a job that offered Visa Sponsorship and immigration support to help her through the process. Once she chose Conexus as her employer, our immigration team moved her from working and living on an F1 Visa/OPT to having her Green Card.

In her first nursing role after graduating, Abbie continues to seize growth opportunities, honing her leadership skills and demonstrating passionate care for her patients. Since starting as a new nurse at a Level III Trauma Center in Tennessee, she has grown into a leadership position as a charge nurse.

Here’s how she describes her role as a charge nurse, in her words:

What makes a successful charge nurse?

I believe that a good charge nurse is the one who can lead the team, has critical thinking skills, know what to do when they don’t really know what to do. Someone that can manage and be available to answer questions and listen to team member and patient concerns. When your team can find help in you and feel safe to practice under your charge, I think that is what already makes someone a successful charge nurse.

What do you find challenging about serving as a charge nurse?

As a charge nurse, I often need to stop what I am working on to help other team members which is challenging as I have the same load of patients in my care. Moreover, conflict between team members is inevitable. At times, it is challenging to be fair, sensible, and respectful as you listen to each involved party and resolve the conflict. The healthcare field is stressful enough, so it is important to create and maintain a healthy and welcoming environment for all team members. I believe that the charge nurse plays an important role in workplace morale, and it is not an easy task.

What do you enjoy about the job?

As a charge, I’ve learned to actively listen, to respect, to lead and to develop critical thinking and communication skills. I’ve also made friends and created strong relationships with others. I love my team and my patients. I enjoy caring and helping people. I am constantly learning new skills and knowledge. I feel more confident in caring for my patients as well as dealing with difficult situations.

We are thankful for Conexus nurses like Abbie, and we are always ready to welcome recent international nursing graduates on the F1 Visa to the Conexus Community, as well as international nurses looking to move to the U.S.

Apply today to start your journey as a U.S. nurse.