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Nursing In The US: Fake News

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

If you’re a nurse based in Canada contemplating either starting or continuing your career in the US, you might be tempted to consult Google to get answers to your questions. However, as you’re undoubtedly aware, Googling for answers provides overwhelming  information so what should you believe and what is fake news?

Conexus has extensive experience in mobilizing Canadian nurses to live and work in the US, and based on years of experience helping nurses make the move stateside, we have provided some perspective. Let’s dive in…

“The US Doesn’t Welcome Foreign Workers.” 


We understand that political rhetoric and anti-immigration stances reported in the media are hard to ignore. They can present the US as wholly unwelcoming to foreign workers. Despite such attention-grabbing headlines, the truth is that the US is actively recruiting international talent to help tackle major nursing shortages. Additionally, US healthcare facilities appreciate the value a diverse workforce can bring when it comes to building the strongest teams and delivering the best patient care. 

“US Nursing Salaries Aren’t As High As In Canada.” 


The average nursing salary in the US is C$99,222 compared to C$75,680 in Canada. Of course, this varies from state-to-state, with some states averaging a higher salary where the cost of living is more expensive. However, even in states where the cost of living is quite affordable and thus the average pay might be considered lower, it’s more than the Canadian average. For example, Iowa has one of the lowest at C$77,000, which is C$1,000 more than the average Canadian wage.

“There Are Fewer Public Holidays In The US.”


Indeed, Canada has 3 more public holidays (13) than the US (10), but as many nurses know, public holidays are still working days in healthcare. Of course, US nurses accrue vacation with each hour worked, with the average nurse receiving two weeks of paid vacation per year, according to PayScale. As a Conexus nurse, you’re entitled to paid time off too. In other words, don’t worry about those 3 less public holidays; you won’t miss out.

“It’s Hard To Find Work As A Newly Qualified Nurse In The US.” 


There is demand across the US for nursing professionals at all levels. So, whether you’re an experienced nurse looking to step up to management level, or a graduate hoping to gain valuable experience, there’s an abundance of opportunities from which to choose. 

Additionally, there are more educational opportunities for nurses in the US compared to Canada. And, because the nursing demand is so high, nurses typically progress their careers much faster in the US, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

“Employee Benefits In The US Are Poor.” 


Of course, benefits vary depending on the employer, but remember that competition for nurses is fierce in the US, so it’s in the employer’s best interest to offer a comprehensive benefits package. Becoming a Conexus nurse provides instant financial benefits, including a $1,000 USD tax-free deployment bonus, your first 30 days of accommodation covered, and significant learning support and education access before throughout your assignment. 

Additionally, we ensure that job contracts are limited to one facility so you have the opportunity to develop and progress, something that’s particularly valuable if you’re moving with a young family. You can find a full list of our benefits here. 

“The US Provides A Great Opportunity For Canadian Nurses.”


Not only can nurses fast-track their careers thanks to greater opportunities compared to Canada, but working in the US can also be financially rewarding from day one. So, whether you’re about to graduate, or you’re an experienced nurse, the US could be the ideal location for you. 

“Where Can I Find Out More?” 

Coming Soon: Our free guide “The Land of Opportunity: Why Canadian Nurses Are Relocating To The US (And How You Can Too!)” to get tips and advice on moving to the US, and find out how Conexus can help you on your journey.