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Why Canadian Nurses Move to USA for RN Jobs

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

The number of Canadian nurses moving to the U.S. has continued to increase over the past decade. Given that Canada is facing its own nursing shortage, what exactly is it about the U.S. that’s so appealing to nurses?  

Although nursing demand is high in Canada, it’s a matter of urgency in the U.S. In fact, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 203,700 new RNs are required each year up to 2026. It’s these staggering figures that have led to healthcare organizations in the U.S. to heavily target foreign-educated nursing to help tackle the shortage. 

Additionally, a survey of Canadian-educated nurses working in North Carolina (one of the five states that employ a large number of Canadian nurses, third only to Texas and Florida, CGFNS 2002), found: 

  • Over three-quarters of respondents said they left Canada to obtain full-time RN employment; 

  • One third reported leaving due to a desire to travel;

  • Fewer respondents identified improved pay and benefits, climate or geographical location, the opportunity to specialize in a specific field, educational opportunities or targeted incentives, as reasons for leaving Canada. 

Interestingly, focus groups of respondents revealed deep dissatisfaction with many aspects of the nursing practice in Canada, particularly the undervaluing of the profession. 

It was reported that Canadian nurses account for over a fifth (20.2 percent) of all foreign nurses working in the U.S. It’s said that Canadian nurses are particularly in demand because they do not have to tackle language barriers, there’s less of a culture shock, and their education and training is comparable to that of U.S. nurses. 

Relocating to the U.S.: The Reality 

The good news is that relocation to the U.S. can be quick and easy for Canadian citizens and international nurses about to get their Canadian citizenship. Once you’ve passed your NCLEX-RN examination and have acquired your visa screen, your temporary work visa (TN visa) will be ready in a matter of weeks. Nurses who completed their nursing degree in a non-English speaking location, like Quebec or somewhere outside of Canada, will be required to take the academic version of the IELTS exam

Working with Conexus 

Conexus has a dedicated team that has experience mobilizing Canadian nurses to work in the U.S. We sponsor the TN visa process, and if nurses desire to make the move to the U.S. permanent, we’ll sponsor and pay for their green card visa (EB-3). 

We have contracts with more than 200 healthcare systems across 25 states, so we can offer Canadian nurses some of the most exciting opportunities the U.S. has to offer. And there are lots of career paths for Canadian nurses in the U.S.

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Benefits For Canadian Nurses

In addition to our in-house immigration team taking care of your immigration process sponsoring and covering all filing fees, we will: 

  • Pay for your mobilization flight to the USA, with a member of the Conexus team waiting to greet you in the airport arrival lounge;

  • Give you a $1,000 USD deployment bonus when you arrive to work in the U.S.;

  • Pay your first 30 days of accommodation in the U.S. If you’re coming to the U.S. with your family, we’ll make sure we find somewhere that suits you all; 

  • Never leave you in the deep end: All of our nurses are enrolled in a 12 weeks’ orientation at their new hospital in the U.S.;

  • Remain on-hand throughout your assignment to offer any support, advice and guidance you need; 

  • Assign you with a Clinical Nurse Educator who will tailor an education and development plan for you that’s in line with your needs and aspirations. 

Get In Touch 

Find out more about turning your dream of working in the U.S. into a reality with Conexus MedStaff by applying today. Or, read more about opportunities in the U.S. for Canadian nurses.