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Recruiting Nurses in the USA? Top Qualities of an Excellent Long-Term Care Nurse

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

When recruiting nurses for your long-term care facility in the USA, you want professionals who possess the right skills, qualifications, and experience. However, what about those unteachable soft skills that are essential for delivering the very best patient and resident care?  

You need nurses who are caring, compassionate and committed, but these qualities can be challenging to measure during the traditional hiring process. This is especially true when you’re dealing with country-wide nursing shortages that require you to move quickly to secure the best talent on the market. 

What’s The Solution? 

It’s impossible to spend time getting to know each candidate personally, which is why partnering with a trusted staffing agency can help tremendously. Conexus works alongside our candidates throughout their careers, so we get to know their aspirations, demeanour and requirements. In turn, this enables us to place our nurses with the right care providers every time.  

Here, our team of experts takes a closer look at some of the top qualities of today’s LTC nurses. 

Resilience & Flexibility

Nurses at all levels are put through their paces and required to work long and unsociable hours. Additionally, LTC nurses can find themselves working in isolation, whether that’s within a facility or part of a home care team. They must be able to work flexibly and react to the unique needs of each patient in their care. 

Conexus works closely with our nurses to gain a full understanding and appreciation of their backgrounds so that we can recommend the right facility where they’ll thrive both professionally and personally. 

Eye for Detail 

Delivering the right care plans for patients, keeping accurate records, and being able to identify a patient’s immediate needs requires a keen eye for detail, the ability to think on their feet, and the confidence to draw upon their education and experience. 

Conexus offers all candidates ongoing professional and educational resources and support. Our nurses have access to an experienced team of Clinical Nurse Educators and Operation Managers, as well as our bespoke Practicing in the US training and education program. Additionally, they can tap into our free online training portal with a CINAHL continuous learning database worth $5,000.


An excellent bedside manner is an essential quality for any nurse. In LTC, in particular, building relationships and developing bonds with patients is critical to delivering the best care. Additionally, a great LTC nurse also needs to form strong bonds with their colleagues and the families of their patients. 

Conexus works hard to ensure all of our nurses are ready to join the US workforce. Our transition to practice program, US Ready, provides a comprehensive insight into the working culture and expectations of a role in healthcare in the US. 

Emotional Stability

Our last blog examined the threat of stress and burnout in LTC nursing, and how it can be more challenging for foreign nurses due to the gravity of moving to a new country to work in a demanding environment. 

We offer our nurses in-person professional and personal support throughout their assignment in the US. Our Operation Managers work closely with nurses to ensure they have the best possible start, and they are always on-hand to offer guidance and advice whenever it’s needed. 

Find Out More 

Download our guide ‘Hiring the Right Nurses for your Long-Term Care Facility’ to get more information about recruiting international nurses and find out how Conexus can help with the process.